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Help Support Stephenie Meyer, Intoxicated Twilight Project

I’ve recently begun a campaign to support Twilight author Stephenie Meyer on my Twilight site, Intoxicated Twilight. Please continue reading details below. If you are a fan of her work, please consider helping out!

Dear Twilight Fans:

Over the last month, there has been a lot of emotions running high with the release of Breaking Dawn, hacks on larger Twilight sites, the leak of Midnight Sun, the movie being pushed to an earlier release date, etc.

The items listed above which have me mostly upset are the uproar over Breaking Dawn and the leak of Midnight Sun. While I am overall disappointed about Breaking Dawn, this does not take away from the fact that I did have sections of the book that I enjoyed very much. Also, I must stress that I am still a Twilight Series fan, and a fan of Stephenie Meyer’s work.

Recently, scans of a photocopied manuscript for Midnight Sun ended up on the net. As we know, this is something that is illegal. We were so worried about the leak happening to Breaking Dawn, many of us likely didn’t think this would happen to Midnight Sun.

The end result of this violation is tragic to Twilight fans everywhere. Stephenie Meyer made an official announcement on her website that the project is now on hold indefinitely. She is undeniably hurt, and feels violated because the work was put out there without her permission. She did, however, post an official pdf file version of the manuscript that was leaked so that fans may go to the official source to read it. She encourages us not to do so because this is unfinished work and it is also filled with errors and needs proper editing. But she would rather you go to her site to read than download the illegal copy.

With all of this said, I feel horrible for Stephenie. She has given us a book series and characters that we fell in love with, and someone went out there and deliberately set out to damage her.

As we know, Midnight Sun was the first Twilight book, but from Edward Cullen’s point of view. We had heard from Robert Pattinson, the actor playing Cullen in the upcoming movie, that he received a copy of this manuscript for character study and he based much of his performance on Midnight Sun, rather than Twilight itself. Edward Cullen, to me, was always a mystery. When reading everything from Bella’s perspective, I have often wondered what Edward was really thinking, or what he was feeling. With the anticipation of Midnight Sun’s release, it gave us a glimmer of hope that we would be able to understand his mysterious character better.

Now, because of someone’s stupidity, the project is now on hold and there is now doubt that it will be released.

With all of that said, I decided to begin a campaign of sorts. I would like to put together a support book for Stephenie Meyer. I think with the harsh reviews of Breaking Dawn, and now this episode associated with Midnight Sun, she needs something from her fans to let her know we love her, appreciate her and her work, and pray that she does not give up hope.

So here is what you can do to show your support to Stephenie Meyer:

1) First you can grab a button or banner from below and save it to your hard drive, then your own site or photobucket and link it back to Intoxicated Twilight since this is the home of the campaign.


2) Spread the word. Let everybody know about this campaign!

3) Write an appreciation note for Stepehenie Meyer and send it to me. Please include the following:

a) Your Name
b) Your Email Address
c) Your Location (City/Town, Province/State, Country)
d) Your Message

About Your Message: Please keep it brief and to the point. No net speak (WaNNa TalK LiKe DiS). Please use proper grammar, spelling and punctuation. I reserve the right to make any neccessary corrections to your message. Think carefully about this and do not be spontaneous! I want you to let Stephenie know how much you appreciate her and her work. She doesn’t need to hear “Edward is sooooo Hot!” That is not the point of this project and messages like that will be deleted and NOT included!

Where to send the message? I will set up a form eventually for this, but in the meantime send your messages to: intoxicated.twilight(removemeplease)@gmail.com. Subject line must be: Stephenie Meyer Support.

Please have all your entries in by November 1st to allow me sufficient time to compile your messages and prepare the book. I’d like to get it delivered to her in time for the holidays.

If you have any questions, or you would like to donate support buttons, or you would like to suggest ways to help out, please use my email above to contact me. Use the subject line “IT Help: SM Support Campaign”.

Thanks for reading! Now go get creative and get ready to be supportive!

Best Regards,

Intoxicated Twilight Owner/Webmaster

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  • Ty Arnold Says:
    Posted on March 22nd, 2009 at 7:56 pm

    LOV3 YOU MIL3Y!!!