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Exclusive Jackson-Rathbone.Com interview with Jackson!


Jackson Rathbone Online was given a great opportunity to interview Jackson himself, to read the interview, click the image above!

Here are a few snippets from the interview!

Since you lived in many different countries when you were younger, do you speak any foreign languages?
Sadly, no. I can only count to ten in Norwegian, and a fairly good hold of the Spanish language. If you speak slow and forgive my pronunciation.

What role have you found the most difficult to fit into?
Nicolas Fiske of the Beautiful People series. It was my very first leading man role. I’d only ever been a character actor in theatre, and I had never played the romantic leading man. I never really wanted to. I have a lot more fun playing characters.

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1 Response

  • Camila Says:
    Posted on December 4th, 2008 at 11:53 pm

    how many brothers or sisters does he have? and does he have a girlfriend? if he does is her name Rachel Curtis