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Big Gallery Update @ gazettE fan!

I have add 74+ new photo of the band gazzettE in the “The Band” Album.

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Abigail Clancy @ NTV Awards

Gallery Link – 2008 Events – The National Television Awards 29th October

04 03 02 01 


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Shia LaBeouf Halloween Media

As a little Halloween treat, now that it’s officially Halloween, Shia LaBeouf Online now has over 1000 large screencaptures of Shia as Dylan Pierce in a The Nightmare Room episode entitled “Scareful What You Wish For” (2002):

Plus we’ve got two video clips from the same episode in the ShiaLaBeoufVideo.com – please credit Shia-LaBeouf.biz if you take these:

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iheartnews-Now oepn!

A new fansite about Jpop boy NEWS is now open! Here you can find new updates, photos and anything else that has to do with News.

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New Layout @ Smg-Online.Org

Finally a new layout at Smg-Online.Org, make sure you check it out!

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Ryan Eggold Photo Updates!

I’ve added photos of Ryan at various events and episodes to our gallery! Ups to Qua from JSW! :

01 NEW x Tyler Shields Halloween Shoot


GALLERY LINK: Tyler Shields (31/10/08)

08 x Voice and Vote NO ON PROP 8 PSA Taping (27/10/08)

9~8.jpg 3~23.jpg 4~20.jpg 7~13.jpg 8~10.jpg
GALLERY LINK: Voice and Vote NO ON PROP 8 PSA Taping (27/10/08)

x Episode Stills from “90210” 1×10 – “Games People Play”

001~8.jpg 002~7.jpg 003~8.jpg 004~6.jpg 005~4.jpg
GALLERY LINK: Episode Stills > 1×10 “Games People Play”

NEW x LA Confidential Photoshoot

GALLERY LINK: LA Confidential Photoshoot (24/09/08)

For more news and updates: RYAN EGGOLD FAN ONLINE // [ ryan-eggold.net ]

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Events, Outtakes, and Screen Caps

So much is pouring in! Here are the updates at Kristen Stewart Fan!

008: 2008: Session 013 (Empire Outtakes)
311: Empire Behind the Scenes Screen Captures (view the clip here)
017: Rome Film Festival Photocall
012: Twilight Premiere
027: TV Spot Screen Captures (view the clip here)

Enjoy and stay tuned for more!

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Lost – promos

Lost promos:
season 1; season 2; season 3; season 4;

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All Stars Online’s Back Online!! ;)

We finally officially reopened All Stars Online with the new design! Yep, we’re back from an impossibly long hiatus! Once again thanks to the great Rappi for the main design of the site.

Not everything is back online yet but the main thing is: the scans!! They’re in the gallery for which you have to register.


Now, the gallery is updated on a daily basis just like the site in itself.
All the main content will be added as soon as humanly possible (we have so much to do, you have no idea!)

Let me know what you think of this new version!! We’re really impatient to have the opinions of other webmasters Smile

Also, I’d like to ask you guys for a favor… if you enjoy our site and the scans we do, please use the donate button on this page:


We’re really in a difficult situation financially speaking and it would mean the world to us if some of you were to donate to the site, even the smallest amount would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance Wink

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New layout – Laguna Beach Online!

Hello everyone! I’ve created a brand new layout for my Laguna Beach Online fansite. This time featuring the lovely Whitney who is working on her very own Spin-Off. Please come over and visit.

Layout made by Standard Lines.

Laguna Beach Onlinehttp://lagunabeachonline.org

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Carmen Electra New Photos!

Today I added some new photos of Carmen to the Carmen Electra Fan Gallery.


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Gary Unmarried episode stills

HQ production stills of Gary Unmarried’s previous episodes have been added to the gallery!

More at Jaime King Fan!

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Sharon Stone Big Gallery Update!

I added 180 new photos to the Totally Sharon Gallery.


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Big Viggo Mortensen Gallery Update!

We added almost 100 new HQ photos to the Viggo Mortensen Online Gallery.


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New Gallery Layout @ XTINANET.COM!

A new gallery layout is up! This time I used the promo of Christina’s upcoming greatest hits album. Hope you all like it! :)

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