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Grey’s: Denny Duquette will be back for at least 5 episodes!

It looks like the handsome actor who plays the late Denny Duquette, Jr., could be sticking around for the foreseeable future – and may well turn out to be the “surprising” love interest for Izzie that Shonda Rhimes promised in the offseason.

How long will Denny haunt Izzie and where the heck is this even going?
As for the first part, Michael Ausiello of EW says Jeffrey Dean Morgan will be in at least five episodes of Grey’s Anatomy. Whether that’s five from the start of his recent stint or five more as of now is unclear – but he’s not going anywhere.

As far as where the story is headed, the most logical theory is that Shonda Rhimes is indeed giving Izzie a brain tumor, as was rumored months ago, and which would or could grant Katherine Heigl’s (never publicly stated) wish to make movies full time.

But who says this story has to be logical, right? As Grey’s Anatomy writer Stacy McKee opined on the show’s writers blog after “These Ties That Bind”:

“Maybe this is one connection that gets to defy all… common sense. Maybe it just gets to be. Even if it does seem too good to be true.”

Source: Grey’s Anatomy Insider.

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1 Response

  • Sheeda Says:
    Posted on November 17th, 2008 at 11:51 am

    I have a feeling that Izzie is sick – which can be a brain tumor. Seeing dead people is one of the classic signs of brain tumor.

    But hey, you never know with what’s going on in Shonda’s head. :/