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Tons of Kate Bosworth candids pics!

Hi to all!!
I’ve added more than 230 candids pics in the gallery of Kate Bosworth Online, so here for you the resume!!!

New Albums
006 x 09/10/07: Kate leaving her hoter in Toronto
002 x 05/04/08: Kate and James in New York City
011 x 05/04/08: Kate leaving the restaurant Pastis in the the Meatpacking District
005 x 03/26/09: Kate in & out in Soho
005 x 03/26/08: Kate at MTV studios
008 x 11/15/07: Kate and James leave Waverly Inn restaurant
006 x 09/10/07: Kate leaving her hoter in Toronto

Old Albums
021 x 02/11/09: Kate and James out Joan’s On Third
003 x 11/18/08: Kate arriving at the 2008 GQ Men of the Year Party (reupload untagged)
010 x 11/11/08: Kate and James at LAX airport
001 x 11/05/08: Kate arriving in Los Angeles
005 x 10/21/08: Kate and James leaving the Waverly Inn (Chanel party)
014 x 10/03/08: Kate and James out and about in Paris
006 x 09/20/08: Kate pampers Herself at Hot Springs (reupload untagged + 1 new)
053 x 05/03/08: Kate and James Arriving At LAX
015 x 04/09/08: Kate Leaving Her London Hotel
033 x 04/08/08: Kate Arriving Back At London Hotel
009 x 03/24/08: Kate Leaving LAX Airport
024 x 09/27/07: Kate and Musician James Blunt in Los Angeles (7 reupload untagged pics + more)
006 x 10/13/07: Kate in Los Angeles
001 x 12/27/06: Kate Bosworth enjoys a day out with her mother
007 x 12/23/06: Kate and her Mom Shopping at Whole Foods Market (reupload with untagged pics)

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