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Lady gaga performing in helsinki, finland

More images added to the gallery.

Gallery Link:Helsinki, Finland, 2009.07.28

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Evanna Lynch’s 18th Birthday Project

As all of you know Evanna Lynch’s birthday is on 16th August, which gives us almost exactly two weeks to put together something interesting this year – as it is her 18th birthday after all!

Instead of the usual scrapbook, we came round with this new idea: of putting together an online birthday celebration all day on 16th of August, the link of this will be sent to Evanna Lynch!

How can you all help? We would still like to have birthday messages that will be viewable online, and little graphics, such as 100×100 dimension icons and a small line on how Evanna inspires you!

We will have different sections, including a music section dedicated to Michael Jackson – as Evanna fans should know, she is a huge MJ fan, let us know your favorite MJ song so we can decide on the music for the “party”!

Send us your messages, lines, music suggestions via this contact form! For graphics, you can upload them on Tinypic.com and send us the link or even e-mail them at hpfan.network@gmail.com

It will be a grand day on LunaFans.net this 16th of August, and you’re ALL invited to come celebrate Evanna Lynch’s birthday!

And ofcourse, today 31st July, we take the opportunity to wish Harry Potter and J.K. Rowling a very happy birthday!

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Ashley Meeting Nikki Reed at LaMontrose Hotel

Yesterday Ashley meet her New Moon co-star Nikki Reed at the hotel LaMontrose. I have added x9 candid pictures of Ashley to the gallery, take a look here or Ashley Greene Fan.

Follow us @ashleygfan

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Veronica Mars Flyers Event

Posting Veronica Mars Flyers happens today between 2:30-5:30. If you are a Veronica Mars fan, you maybe interested in participating in this event. More information of the event happening today can be found posted at Neptune Rising here

Start printing those flyers and get ready to post them in your area.

For more latest news, visit Veronica Mars: The Movie Campaign

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Veronica Mars The Movie Campaign

Veronica Mars The Movie Campaign is now open :) It is a site to help promote Veronica Mars as a movie and to help build the Veronica Mars fanbase. The more people wanting the movie to happen better the chances the movie will happen. Current and ongoing campaigns related in creating Veronica Mars awareness as well as getting Warner Bros to make the movie can all be found at the site.

Veronica Mars The Movie Campaign

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Lauren Conrad Fan: New gallery layout !!

New look at the Lauren Conrad Fan gallery,a new site layout is coming soon.


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More Enchanting Amy Updates

Amy made the rounds on the talk shows last night and today to promote Julie & Julia Thanks to Brianne we have HD caps and clips.

[722] Talk Shows/Entertainment Shows > Appearances in 2009 > Late Show with David Letterman – Screencaptures
[342] Talk Shows/Entertainment Shows > Appearances in 2009 > Good Morning America -Screencaptures
[318] Talk Shows/Entertainment Shows > Appearances in 2009 > Live with Regis & Kelly – Screencaptures

Since the video archive is not ready yet I have uploaded the videos for you to watch
Late Night with David Letterman
Good Morning America
Live with Regis & Kelly

<< Enchanting Amy >> Your Best Amy Source!

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Photoshoots of the “Bones” Cast

I have added over 150 photoshoot pictures of the cast to the Bones Daily gallery. As always, the previews are below and you can click the thumbnails to be taken to the individual photoshoot categories!

Bones Daily – Your Resource For Everything “Bones”

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Photoshoot On Set Pictures @ AGF

Yay. Ashley is doing a new photoshoot. I have found x91 candid pictures of Ashley from the set of a photoshoot session. She looks so fabulous in all of the pictures, the outtakes will probably be so stunning, really looking forward in seeing the results. View the images in the gallery at Ashley Greene Fan.

You can now follow us @ashleygfan

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Renee Zellweger ‘My One and Only’ Trailer

Thanks to all the lovely folks behind the scenes who have been sending us trailers, posters, images, information, and exclusives! It is much appreciated! Due to this, we have uploaded the trailer for Renee’s new film My One and Only, along with screen captures of this trailer, and the poster for the film!

My One and Only Trailer

My One and Only Trailer Caps

My One and Only Poster


  • My One and Only Posters
  • My One and Only Trailer Caps
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    Rachelfan.net: Comic-Con Portraits & Marie Claire Outtakes

    Added two portrait photos of Rachel during the Comic-Con (Day 2) 2009 to promote Sherlock Holmes. She looked great and I really love the portraits, she looks amazing and they are really funny.

    Some other great news! Added two new outtakes of Rachel’s Marie Claire photoshoot. I really love the shoot and the new outtakes are amazing!

    Gallery Links:
    Session 006 – Comic-Con 2009
    Session 023

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    New Luna Lovegood Photos; Evanna Lynch’s Autographed Prints Update

    Today we’ve a new photos of Evanna Lynch as Luna Lovegood. The first one is a behind-the-scene photo from the Room of Requirement in Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. Second one is a clear look at the full attire of Luna Lovegood. You can view the photos here and here.

    Also, a reminder for all those who’ve written to us about the Autographed prints, we’ve recieved your emails, and a confirmation has been sent out to all.
    If you haven’t recieved the confirming email, please contact us again.

    We’ll be sending the prints to Evanna Lynch to sign only when we have a sufficient number to do so.

    So, make sure you spread the word around!

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    warwick saint and unknown shoot added to gallery

    Added an Uknown photoshoot and the Warwick Saint photoshoot to the gallery. Check them out.

    Gallery Link: Warwick Saint

    Gallery Link: Uknown 001

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    Extensive “Prince of Persia” Coverage in Empire

    The September 2009 issue of Empire magazine is already out in the UK and we have exclusive scans for you! 😀

    Not only do we get to know a bit more about Tamina, Gemma’s character, but we’ve also been graced with a new movie still featuring the feisty princess and Prince Dastan!

    So who is Tamina?

    Special Skills: Swordplay, agility, crawling through small cracks in walls.
    How Close to the Games? Tamina is based loosely on the character of Farah. She’s feisty — early on-set footage shows her lunging at the prince with a sword. Her video-game equivalent was an expert archer, but we haven’t yet seen Arterton with a bow.
    Persian Pattern: “She’s the princess of Alamut, a country that’s close to Persia, and she gets kidnapped. So I won’t be lacking adventure!” says Arterton. “I’m the only girl in the whole film. It’s a boys’ world, but I’m cool with that.”

    Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time (2010): Empire (UK) – September 2009
    Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time (2010): Production Stills

    Gemma Arterton Online

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    Kristen & Dakota are Rocker Chic

    Photos brought to you by Hollywood Hills. Be sure to visit for all the news, gossip, and photos of all of your favorite celebrities.

    Follow Movie Database on Twitter. Be alerted to when we update the image archive so you can stay up to date with movies.

    Kristen Stewart and Dakota Fanning were photographed on location for “The Runaways” on July 27, 2009.

    “The Runaways” is a feature film based on Joan Jett’s seminal 1970s rock band. Kristen Stewart will play Joan Jett and Dakota Fanning is on board to play bandmate Cherie Curry in the River Road pic, which will revisit the short but influential life of the first all-female band of the rock era.

    At Movie Database (http://movies.hollywood-hills.us) we have added 32 high quality, medium quality and tagged photos of “The Runaways”.

    Gallery Links:

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