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New Gallery Theme @ Sarah Jessica Central!

To celebrate the ringing in of a new year, Sarah Jessica Central, the Sarah Jessica Parker resource, has a new gallery theme! So make sure to stop by and check it out! :)

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Anna Kendrick World: anna-kendrick.us Updates

There are many updates at anna-kendrick.us including Anna interview, articles and photos. Check the site for more info

020.jpg 032.jpg 001.jpeg

Anna Kendrick World : anna-kendrick.us : Gallery
Your best 24/7 spot for everything Anna Kendrick!

I just capped Anna’s apprerance at Alexa Chung a couple of weeks ago:


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TSCC 2×06 The Tower Is Tall But The Fall Is Short @ SGW

I have added HQ Screencaps from The Sarah Connor Chronicles 2×06 episode. Enjoy!


Television Appearances> The Sarah Connor Chronicles> Season 2> 2×06 The Tower Is Tall But The Fall Is Short> HQ Screencaps

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Anastasia-Griffith.Com Gallery Layout

Roughly a week after the official opening Anastasia-Griffith.Com has been outfitted with its first original gallery layout.

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Heather Locklear Melrose Place 1.0 Season one captures

Added 3 more episodes of Melrose in the gallery at Admiring Heather Locklear I will have the remaining episodes of season one capped shortly. Happy New Year everyone!!!

Melrose Place > Season One > 1×26 – End Game

Season One > 1×27 – The Test

Season One > 1×28 – Pushing Boundaries

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Anna Kendrick Photoshoots and Up in the Air Review

I updated the gallery with some more studio photoshoots of Anna new and old. She looks totally stunning in all the pictures

001.jpg 001.jpg 0002.jpg

Also “Up in the air” is in the 5th position of time.com’s top 10 movies of 2009:

If you’re not out of work yet, you surely know someone who is. So you might be resistant to seeing a movie about a traveling man (George Clooney) whose job is to tell other people they’ve lost theirs. But he’s kind of sympathetic — he has such a friendly, caring manner that his targets often end up thanking him. And it’s a romantic comedy, with the Clooney character juggling the attentions of a fellow frequent traveler (Vera Farmiga) and a perky upstart back at company headquarters (Anna Kendrick) who wants to ground him. Cheers to director Jason Reitman, of Juno fame, for tossing a tightrope across the chasm of our national pain, then strolling across with such poise. In streamlining Walter Kirn’s novel for the screen, Reitman created a savory dish with a tart undertaste, and Clooney responded to the movie’s maturity with the most nuanced performance of his career.

Source: >>>

Anna Kendrick World : anna-kendrick.us : Gallery
Your best 24/7 spot for everything Anna Kendrick!

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New Layout at Summer Glau Web!

We have a wonderful new layout created by Venus Inc. Designs. I hope that everyone likes it.

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Summer Glau on Dollhouse January 8, 2010!

Don’t Forget to tune into Dollhouse Friday, January 8, 2010 when Summer returns in the role as Bennett Halverson.

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Anna Kendrick on Entertainment Weekly Cover

Anna will be on the cover of the upcoming EW issue! Here is an article about the issue and a preview:

George Clooney is handsome and savvy, but he’s also self-aware when it comes to his ladies-man reputation. When he signed to play an eternal bachelor in his latest film, Up in the Air, directed by Jason Reitman (Juno), he immediately saw parallels between the character and himself. “Jason came to my house and brought the script and I read it,” Clooney says. “There were some things that sounded like they were taken from a Barbara Walters special that I had done. I’m not completely unaware of people’s perceptions of me. I sort of felt like, if you were ever going to deal with it, this is probably the best way to do it and the best person to do it with. If you can’t point at what people think are your shortcomings, then you’re boxing yourself in.”

He’s also particular about not allowing a body double in his films, even for the split-second shot of his thumb on a suitcase handle in Up in the Air. “I bite my cuticles so I’m always ashamed,” he admits. “But when you see somebody else’s hand come in and it’s got, like, different fingers or hairy knuckles, it doesn’t look right.”


For more on Clooney and Up in the Air, plus Dave Karger’s fearless Oscar predictions, pick up the new issue of Entertainment Weekly, on stands January 1.

Anna Kendrick World : anna-kendrick.us : Gallery
Your best 24/7 spot for everything Anna Kendrick!

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New layout at Nicole’s Magic

Nicole’s Magic, the largest fansite for Nicole Kidman, has a brand new layout! The layout is NINE themed, to promote Nicole’s new movie which is out in cinemas now. This gorgeous creation was designed for us by Marica.

Nicole’s Magic is the most comprehensive fansite for the Academy Award winning Aussie actress – drop by to catch up on all the latest about her, including all the recent NINE promotional activities!

And please leave a comment on the new layout!

Nicole's Magic

Nicole Kidman @ Nicole’s Magic

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Cameron Diaz On The Set Of The Green Hornet

More at Cameron Fan

Gallery Link:

– Movie Productions > The Green Hornet > On The Set – 29th December

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Famke Janssen on Nip/Tuck 2×14 Trudy Nye

I have added Screencaps from the 2×14 Nip/Tuck Episode to the gallery. Enjoy!


Television Appearances> Nip/Tuck> Season 2> 2×14 Trudy Nye> Screencaps

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TSCC 2×05 Goodbye To All That @ SGW

I have added Screencaps of TSCC 2×05 episode to the gallery. Enjoy!


Television Appearances> The Sarah Connor Chronicles> Season 2> 2×05 Goodbye To All That> HQ Screencaps

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Chris Colfer Online – Reopening

We have a new layout up at Chris Colfer Online, as well lots of new pictures in the gallery, and many more to come!



Glee > Screencaps > 1.07 Throwdown x102
Glee > Screencaps > 1.08 Mash-Up x84
Glee > Screencaps > 1.09 Wheels x242
Glee > Screencaps > 1.10 Ballads x190
Glee > Screencaps > 1.11 Hairography x156
Glee > Screencaps > 1.12 Mattresses x122

Photoshoots > #001 x7
Photoshoots > #002 x6
Photoshoots > #003 x6
Photoshoots > #004 x2
Photoshoots > #005 x7
Photoshoots > #006 x20

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Glee Season One Promo Screencaps

Glee > Promotional Images > Season 1 – Glee Promo x331

Lea Michele Web

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