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When Love Is Not Enough: Movie Clips

CBS has just launched five clips of upcoming “When Love Is Not Enough: The Lois Wilson Story”, and Winona Forever has screencaptures and videos added.

Golden Globe winner and two-time Academy Award nominee Winona Ryder (The Age of Innocence, Little Women) and Emmy Award and Golden Globe nominee Barry Pepper (61*, Saving Private Ryan) star in the new Hallmark Hall of Fame presentation When Love Is Not Enough: The Lois Wilson Story. The film, premiering on CBS Sunday, April 25, 2010, 9-11pm ET/PT, is based on the true story of the sorely-tested but enduring love between Lois Wilson (Ryder), cofounder of Al-Anon, and her husband Bill Wilson (Pepper), cofounder of Alcoholics Anonymous.

Clip 001

Video | Screencaptures

Clip 002

Video | Screencaptures

Clip 003

Video | Screencaptures

Clip 004

Video | Screencaptures

Clip 005

Video | Screencaptures

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Gemma Arterton InStyle (US) Scans

Thanks to BaBinski for these! 😀

– Scans: InStyle (US) – May 2010

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Gemma Arterton Online

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Gemma Arterton on Friday Night with Jonathan Ross

Gemma Arterton was one of the guests on this week’s Friday Night with Jonathan Ross show. The actress spoke about her upcoming roles, including the big budget Clash of the Titans remake. She also spoke about how she was born with two extra fingers, saying she thinks her children will be too. She commented: “I’m very proud of it because it makes me unique. Hopefully my children will have them.”

– TV News Segments: Friday Night with Jonathan Ross (April 16, 2010)

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Gemma Arterton Online

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Dianna Agron in Teen Vogue

Dianna Agron Web has added scans of Dianna Agron in May 2010 edition of Teen Vogue, and thanks to americnreject09, for providing us with the scans.

Gallery Links:
Magazine Scans > Teen Vogue – May 2010

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The House That Built Me Music Video Screencaps

Over at Miranda Lambert Fans I have added 200 screencaps from Miranda Lambert’s new video “The House That Built Me”. Enjoy!

x200 – Music Videos > House That Built Me > Screencaptures

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Christina Applegate is Engaged!

Christina Applegate is engaged to musician Martyn LeNoble – her boyfriend of two years!

The couple became engaged on Valentine’s Day 2010 and just announced their plans to wed today!

Christina Applegate Online wants to congratulate the happy couple!

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Naomi Watts on Paris Vogue

Naomi Watts, Julianne Moore, Gwyneth Paltrow, Penelope Cruz, Kate Winslet and Meryl Streep grace the cover of the new May 2010 issue of Paris Vogue. The stunning A-Listers are seen wearing RED clothing, to promote the AIDs awareness campaign. Only the cover is available so far, but be sure we will be adding a full set of scans from this magazine to Blue Jewel: Naomi Watts ASAP!

Paris Vogue - May 2010

Blue Jewel: Naomi Watts – the #1 resource for Naomi Watts

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Joe Jonas out in Hollywood

Joe Jonas heading to a Hollywood studio on April 16th.

Candids > 2010 > 04-16-10 Going to a Hollywood Studio

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Eva Mendes Spotted Out for Lunch in West Hollywood – April 9

On April 9, Eva was spotted getting out for lunch somewhere in West Hollywood. View pictures from this in the gallery.

Gallery Link: 09.04.10: Out for Lunch in West Hollywood

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One “The Other Guys” Promotional Stills

A new still of Eva in The Other Guys has been released. Enjoy it in the gallery!

Gallery Link: The Other Guys – Promotional Stills

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1.18 “Under Control” Caps

Screen captures from last nights episode of The Vampire Diaries can now be found at Vampire Diaries Web! I’m Team Stefan anyway but I have to say I’m loving this badass Stefan even more <3! Can’t wait for next week!

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RMO: Having lunch with Dad

Out and about in Toronto today having lunch with her dad. She looks very cute and relaxed.

Gallery Links:
Candids > 2010 > Lunch in Toronto with Dad – 04/15

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Hilary Duff on Gossip Girl Candids

I was feeling like watching Gossip Girl episodes with Hilary these days so it was the perfet time to fill this section of the gallery. I just added all filming candids (around 600) of Hilary on set of Gossip Girl and I’ll add the stills and the caps soon.

003.jpg 005.jpg 008.jpg 030.jpg

Hilary Duff Web | Hilary-Pics.Com | Duff Tube | Your best spot for everything Hilary Duff!

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Gemma Arterton for Details Magazine: Interview + Outtakes

Gemma is featured in the May issue of Details Magazine. Check out the fiercely fabulous outtakes in the gallery (hello goddess!) and read the interview at their site, we’ll have scans up asap!

Gallery Link:
x005 – 2010 Shoot 007 (Details)

The New Queen of the Action Epic
With starring roles in Clash of the Titans and now Prince of Persia, sultry British actress Gemma Arterton rules the multiplex.

Between movies, Gemma Arterton likes to play the floozy. She’s currently on London’s West End, starring as a vapid Hilton-esque party girl in the Hollywood satire The Little Dog Laughed, a part that would seem well-suited for a gorgeous 24-year-old. But Arterton’s spot-on send-up of the typical American pop tart has an ironic tinge, given that everything about her—from the accent to the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art pedigree—is British.
“In America, nobody has any idea who I am or how to pronounce my name,” the Kent native says. “They call me Gim-ma.”

The g is soft, as in gem, but the days of having to explain that to Yanks will soon be behind her. Arterton, best known as James Bond’s oil-drenched lover in Quantum of Solace, can currently be seen in the big-budget remake of Clash of the Titans, playing the Greek demigoddess Io, the spiritual adviser to Sam Worthington’s Perseus. “There are a lot of men in the film going, ‘Ah, let’s kill this! Let’s kill that!'” she says. “I’m in the middle saying, ‘Let’s think about it.'”

Her role wasn’t so different between takes. “My mum used to read us Greek mythology for bedtime stories,” Arterton says, “so when I was on set I’d be talking about the myths and Sam and Mads Mikkelsen would be playing around pretending their swords were their dicks.”
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Gwen Stefani at Celebration Honoring Tod’s Beverly Hills Boutique

Last night, Gwen Stefani and her husband Gavin Rossdale, were at the celebration for Tod’s Beverly Hill. At Gwen Stefani Fan, I have just 75 HQ and MQ photos from the event!

Gwen Stefani Fan – your #1 fan site for all things Gwen Stefani!

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