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InStyle Summer Soiree Photos at Introducing Troian

New updates to the gallery at Introducing Troian Bellisario from the In Style event.

Gallery Link > Events > 2010 > Aug 12th: The 9th Annual InStyle Summer Soiree

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Anna Kendrick BlackBerry Torch Launch Party Style Info

Anna Kendrick wears the ‘Vanessa’ zip shoulder dress by Alice + Olivia to the Blackberry Torch from AT&T U.S. Launch Party on August 11, 2010.

DRESS: Alice + Olivia Vanessa Zip Shoulder Dress
-94% viscose, 6% elastane -shoulders: 100% leather -power net mesh lined -zipper detail on shoulder -structured shoulders with pads -can be worn as a tunic (shown on model) or a mini dress -dry clean

she matched it with a pair of:

SHOES: Botkier Alexis Sandals

– Lethal luxury! Sink your fangs into fierce footwear with the striking Botkier Alexis!
– Leather upper.
– Snake print back quarter and heel.
– Triple buckle closure.
– Leather lining.
– Leather sole. VIEW >>>

Also added some more photos in the gallery:

056.jpg 059.jpg 050.jpg

Anna Kendrick Network : anna-kendrick.us : Gallery : Kendrick Tube
Your best 24/7 spot for everything Anna Kendrick!

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Carey Mulligan Never Let Me Go Pictures

Just added some photos of Carey latest projects “Never Let Me Go” with some stills and a poster. More to come soon (as soon they are out :P).

001.jpg 004.jpg 009.jpg

Carey Mulligan Network .:. Your newest source for everything Carey!

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Shenae Grimes @ The 9th Annual InStyle Summer Soiree

I’ve added one photo of Shenae Grimes that has been taken at the 9th Annual InStyle Summer Soiree yesterday. She looks absolutely radiant. Check it out at Shenae Grimes Daily.

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Eva Amurri Online – Now Open!

Eva Amurri Online – the web’s one and only fan site dedicated to talented actress Eva Amurri, is now open and ready for visits!

We feature over 5,000+ photos in the growing gallery, an extensive hand-written biography, detailed information about Eva’s film & TV projects and media! Stop by www.eva-amurri.com to check it all out and don’t forget to comment with your thoughts about the site.

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Kristen Bell in Yeasayer – Madder Red Official Video

Yeasayer- Madder Red Official Video has been released. You can check Kristen Bell in the video here

Yeasayer – Madder Red

The video was added into the Media Archive. Check out all the lastest media files added to the archive as well.

Other recent updates of Kristen:

08-10-10: Kristen having lunch at Alcove Cafe with Justin Long


Cast photo of Zachary in Angels In America was released recently. The production starts on September 14 and ends January 30, 2011.

Angels In America

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The Vampire Diaries: Season 02 promos for Damon

Just check this beautiful promotional stills released today of Damon (Ian Somerhalder), in the very first episode of “The Vampire Diaries” season 02.

For large sized pictures, and much more Damon Salvatore related, be sure to visit Damonic, your #01 source on everything related Damon Salvatore AND Ian Somerhalder.

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Dianna Agron in TKO DVD Screencaps

Dianna Agron Web has added screencaps of Dianna Agron in the movie TKO.

Gallery Links:
Movie Productions > TKO (2007) > DVD Screencaps

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Milo Ventimiglia Fan is BACK!

Hello everyone, I’m Holly and one of the new owners here at MVF, our other owner is Lyn which I’m sure you’ll see a lot of here posting news as well. We’re still working on getting the site back up to par and fill in the missing gaps but we’re getting there!

We’ve converted the site to wordpress and updated the gallery to the newest version of coppermine with a brand new theme (I apologize if it looks a little off, I couldn’t get the coding the way I wanted it exactly) and we’re working on catching up on all the events that Milo has attended. Some screencaptures are missing, but we decided to not readd them (we’ll just recap and add them later) as they weren’t very good. But don’t worry they will be back!

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Hugh Grant Online Is Back!

Hugh Grant Online is now officially back! We have gorgeous new layouts on the main site and photo gallery, designed by Turn Back The Sun Designs.

We now have a twitter account for you to follow for site updates, and I am also looking for affiliates, so please be sure to apply!

My next job is to get the gallery updated, which I have been working on. So check the site for updates very soon!

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Anna Kendrick @ BlackBerry Torch Launch Party & Press updates

Yesterday, Anna attended BlackBerry Torch Launch Party:

003.jpg 010.jpg 026.jpg

Chicago Tribune Article

002.jpgAnna Kendrick looked like she was resting in between interviews in a downtown Chicago hotel room on Monday, but the 25-year-old actress, who earned an Oscar nomination for her role in “Up in the Air,” insisted she was laid out on the couch for a different reason.

“My hero just texted me ‘happy birthday,’ ” said Kendrick, swooning.

Kendrick, who declined to name the texter, put her phone away and sat up for the interview. This left plenty of room on the couch for her “Scott Pilgrim vs. the World” co-star Jason Schwartzman — not that he needed it.

Schwartzman opted to kneel on the floor and lean against a coffee table. It fit his quirky personality, as did his “Magnum, P.I.”-like mustache.

“I got to go to Lollapalooza (Sunday),” said Schwartzman, 30. “… I heard all the bands stay in one hotel and hang out in the lobby together and go to see each other’s shows. That makes me happy. It’s like the Care Bears movie where the Care Bears and the Care Bear Cousins join forces to take on the evil wizard at summer camp.”

Contivue Reading >

Also check out:

Anna on Interview Magazine

Anna Kendrick on Scott Pilgrim vs. the World

Taglined “An epic of epic epicness,” director Edgar Wright’s adaptation of Bryan Lee O’Malley’s popular comic book series, Scott Pilgrim vs. the World, hits theaters with Biblical force this Friday. Archetypal awkward youth Michael Cera plays the titular character, a 22-year-old bass player who falls in love with a girl only to learn that she has seven evil ex-boyfriends, all of whom are hell-bent on killing him. Anna Kendrick, who plays Scott’s reliable sister Stacey, says her character is “the voice in the back of [Scott’s] head that he knows he’s not going to listen to.” We spoke to Kendrick about filming Scott Pilgrim, Comic Con, and Twilight mania (or lack thereof).

CAROLINE BANKOFF: Hello, Anna! Where are you calling from?

ANNA KENDRICK: I’m in Toronto. We have the Toronto premiere of Scott Pilgrim tonight–we filmed it in Toronto, so it’s a homecoming of sorts.

Continue Reading >
Source: >>>

001.jpg 002.jpg 003.jpg

Anna Kendrick Network : anna-kendrick.us : Gallery : Kendrick Tube
Your best 24/7 spot for everything Anna Kendrick!

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Lea Michele @ Blackberry Launch

Yesterday Lea Michele attended the Launch Party For The Blackberry Torch, again looking lovely. I’ve added images to the gallery over at Lea Michele Source.

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Dianna Agron on the set of Glee

Dianna Agron has been spotted on the set of Glee yesterday ! She’s back from Pittsburgh where she was filming her next movie: I Am Number Four. Check it out at Dianna Agron France.

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Updated screencaptures at White Collar Online!

New screencaps are up at White Collar Online, the largest fansite for the USA Network show White Collar.

White Collar Online Gallery > Season 2 > Screencaptures > 2×4 By the Book
White Collar Online Gallery > Season 2 > Screencaptures > 2×5 Unfinished Business

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Ian Harding Fan HQ Screencap Updates

Ian Harding Fan has been updated with HQ screencaps from the Pretty Little Liars mid-season finale “Keep Your Friends Close.”

You can find both Ian-centric caps, as well as ones for the Ezra/Aria scenes too!

Gallery Links:

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