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Emma Stone Photo Sessions Updated

I have updated the Emma Stone Photo Gallery with 15 new additions in the “photo sessions” section of the gallery! There is additions in album #09 and #22 – plus a brand new album featuring photos of Emma Stone!

Emma Stone Photo Gallery Emma Stone Photo Gallery Emma Stone Photo Gallery Emma Stone Photo Gallery Emma Stone Photo Gallery

Emma Stone Connection – the web’s most complete and up-to-date fan site dedicated to actress Emma Stone since 2008!

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New project for Marion Cotillard: ‘Low Life’

Exciting news! Deadline.com just reported that Marion Cotillard together with Joaquin Phoenix and possibly Jeremy Renner will star in writer/director James Gray’s next movie called ‘Low Life‘. With all the actors currently being busy shooting is scheduled to begin next year. What is it about?

Marion Cotillard will play a woman attempting to immigrate from Poland. Her American dream turns into a nightmare. While sailing to Ellis Island and a new start, her sister grows deathly ill and she is forced to trade sexual favors for medicine and food to keep her sister alive. Once they land, she is warned to keep quiet about what happened. Though she does, she walks away with immigration papers that deem her a woman with bad morals. With no place to go, she falls prey to a charming sleazebag (Phoenix), who persuades her to turn tricks in New York. Renner is close to signing on to play the sleazebag’s cousin, a magician who sweeps the young woman off her feet and is her best chance to escape the nightmarish life she has fallen into.

Magnifique Marion Cotillard Media is on Twitter

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JoAnna Garcia Swisher “Latina” Magazine Scans

I have just added 6 HQ scans of JoAnna Garcia Swisher from her “Latina” magazine spread into our photo gallery over at JoAnna Garcia Swisher Network!

JoAnna Garcia Swisher Network JoAnna Garcia Swisher Network JoAnna Garcia Swisher Network JoAnna Garcia Swisher Network
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‘Little White Lies’ out in Australia this month

Remember ‘Little White Lies‘? After very successful screenings during the French Film Festival editions throughout Australia earlier this year the movie is getting its proper theatrical release down under on June 16. Win tickets for sneak previews held June 10-12 here. Visit Hopscotch Films for some clips from the movie with English subtitles.

I added new original promotional artwork for the movie from Australia and Turkey (it was released mid-May) as well as the one for Germany (out on July 7) which looks similar to the Spanish version. This is the place-holder for the German movie website and this is the newly released German trailer (you’ll have to skip to the 1:03 min mark for the actual trailer).

Gallery links:
001 Les petits mouchoirs (Little White Lies) – 2010 > Stills
003 Les petits mouchoirs (Little White Lies) – 2010 > Artwork

Video links:
002 Movie Clips: Little White Lies

Magnifique Marion Cotillard Media is on Twitter

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More Stills & Clips from ‘Midnight in Paris’

If you haven’t yet seen ‘Midnight in Paris‘ even though it is playing in a cinema near you be sure to go see it soon! I myself went to see it a few weeks ago and was thoroughly charmed and entertained by this enchanting and funny comedy.

The movie’s release date for Germany has been changed, it’ll be in theatres on August 18, 2011 – one week earlier than previously annouced. Here’s the German Trailer and the German Website. Hopscotch Films aquired the rights to distribute ‘Midnight in Paris‘ in Australia. No date has been set yet but it will be later this year (source).

Here are 2 clips – in Spanish – both from Marion Cotillard’s first moment as Adriana in the movie. Sadly, I haven’t been able to find them with the original audio. Clip 1 – First ImpressionClip 2 – Belle Epoque

002 Midnight in Paris (2011) > Stills
001 Midnight in Paris (2011) > On Set

Magnifique Marion Cotillard Media is on Twitter

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Busy Philipps “The Smokers” DVD Captures

I have just added 1,326 DVD quality screen captures of Busy Philipps in the movie “The Smokers” to our photo gallery over at Busy Philipps Fan!

Busy Philipps Fan Busy Philipps Fan Busy Philipps Fan Busy Philipps Fan Busy Philipps Fan
Busy Philipps Fan Busy Philipps Fan Busy Philipps Fan Busy Philipps Fan Busy Philipps Fan
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New layout at Tommy Lee Land!

After almost 3 years with the same layout, finally, I got a new one at Tommy Lee Land. I really love this but what do you think??? Thanks to Tathy who made this possible.

Also, the site was converted to wordpress so, if you find errors or you have suggestions, please, let me know.

Some new Tommy Lee stuff is coming so, please, come back to the site and take a look.


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‘Lost Girl’ Season Two gets a Premiere Date!

Woooo some great news for all you Lost Girl/Kenzi fans! Season Two will begin airing on Showcase September 4, 2011.

So mark your calendars! We are almost 3 months away from more fun Kenzi/Bo action.

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Amanda Seyfried Network: Red Riding Hood Blu-Ray Captures

Over at Amanda Seyfried Network, I’ve added a little over 550 screencaptures from Red Riding Hood to our gallery! Make sure to visit to see all the captures. You can see a sneak peek below.

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“The Whistleblower”: If no one else will do it, Rachel Weisz will

The Whistleblower, a true-life drama about Kathryn Bolkovac, the Nebraska cop turned United Nations police officer who, while hired by UN contractor DynCorp, alerted authorities to sex trafficking within the force.

Bolkovac was recruited by DynCorp, which the UN hired to set up a police force in Bosnia, in the late 1990s. Over a period of time, Bolkovac witnessed people within the ranks of DynCorp (and by extension the UN police) actively participating in sex trafficking. So, at great personal and professional risk, she spoke up by filing suit against DynCorp in the UK. Don’t worry, this isn’t a tragic Silkwood tale. Bolkovac is alive and well and living in Amsterdam.

This is a rabble-rouser meant to showcase Weisz’s sterner side, which is always enjoyable. To me, Weisz has one of the most perfect careers in Hollywood, able to seamlessly oscillate between smaller movies like this and big-ticket pictures like the Mummy movies or the upcoming Bourne Legacy. Plus she doesn’t seem to have to deal with insane press attention or paparazzi stalking. Basically, hers is the career you want to have if you’re a Hollywood actress, and this Whistleblower seems right in line with her string of mostly good choices. (We’ll have to forgive her for Fred Claus.) Go on with your bad self, Rachel Weisz!

And yeah, sex trafficking is clearly a worrisome global problem and this is an important subject, so you should probably go see this movie.

Source: Gawker

Visit Amazing Rachel Weisz for the latest news 24/7

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Reese Witherspoon in “Election”

I just updated the gallery in Reese Witherspoon Fans with tons of Reese pics in “Election”. These include stills, posters, behind the scenes pics, dvd captures and promotional photoshoot outtakes. Take a look:

001.jpg 002.jpg 003.jpg 008.jpg

0011.jpg 0314.jpg 0320.jpg 0368.jpg

0610.jpg 0747.jpg 0940.jpg 0977.jpg

Reese Witherspoon Fans : reesewitherspoon.us : Gallery : @Reese_Fans
Your best 24/7 spot for everything Reese Witherspoon!

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SSF: New ‘Chloe King…’ Promos & Episodic Stills uploaded!

That’s right I’ve added new promos and stills of Sky’s upcoming series! So make sure you check out our newest additions when you are able to! Make sure you visit Skyler Samuels Fan for all the latest on Skyler Samuels.

And now… Episodic stills from 2.02 – Redemption. I’ll also add a synopsis as well.

THE NINE LIVES OF CHLOE KING – “Redemption” – Still getting used to her new powers, Chloe can’t get past the fact that she is responsible for Xavier’s death. Will she be able to handle not just her newfound abilities but the life-altering limitations it puts on her relationships with others? Find out in and all-new episode of “The Nine Lives of Chloe King” premiering Tuesday, June 21 at 9:00PM ET/PT on ABC Family.


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Joseph Gordon-Levitt: 50/50 Promotional Stills

I have added 3 promotional stills of Joe in 50/50:

Promotional Stills

For latest news on Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Zooey Deschanel , visit Joseph & Zooey Web or follow on twitter @josephzooeyweb

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Katie Leclerc Fan – now up

The new fansite Katie Leclerc Fan is open. Katie is currently one of the two stars in the ABC Family upcoming show, Switched at Birth, and has had roles in Fashion House, Veronica Mars, The Ritches, and movies The Circle Game and flying. Keep checking back for all the news, photos and more about Katie!


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Pretty Little Liars 2×2 Stills – Troian Bellisario

Up at Introducing Troian Bellisario we’ve got new stills for episode 2×2 of Pretty Little Liars.

Introducing Troian Bellisario Gallery > Pretty Little Liars > Season 2 > 2×2 Episode Stills

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