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Jennifer Garner dresses up as a witch!

Jennifer got into the Halloween spirit earlier on today as she dresses up as a witch on her way to pick up Violet from school! It should be a fun day in the Affleck house today as they celebrate Halloween! Check out her candids earlier on today which includes Jen getting a pedicure beforehand.

October 31 2011: Pacific Palisades, CA – HQ
October 31 2011: Santa Monica, CA – HQ

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Zachary & Kristen: Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween! Over the weekend, Zachary attended Kate Walsh’s Halloween party. He dressed up as the fourth of July fireworks!

10-29-11: Kate Walsh’s Halloween Party

It was announced earlier today that FX renewed American Horror Story Make sure to watch this Wednesday’s episode Halloween Part 2 for more awesome stuff from his character, Chad!

In terms of TV, we finally have a poster for House Of Lies which airs January 8 on Showtime! I’m sure Kristen will be happy with the sharks in the background 😉


There is no new episode of Gossip Girl tonight! It returns next week!

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Christina Ricci “Pan Am” 1×06 Captures

I have just added 834 HD screen captures of Christina Ricci from last night’s episode of “Pan Am” titled “1×06 – The Genuine Article” into our photo gallery over at Confessions of Christina Ricci!

Confessions of Christina Ricci Confessions of Christina Ricci Confessions of Christina Ricci Confessions of Christina Ricci Confessions of Christina Ricci

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Anna Kendrick in Total Film

Anna is in the latest version of Total Film magazine, with an HQ version of a lovely 2009 photoshoot:


Brought to you by VERSATILE – Your Best Anna Kendrick Source @ annakendrickonline.com!

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Goslingfan.com: Walking in LA after leaving the set of “The Gangster Squad”

We are sorry we missed these before but Ryan was seen walking in LA after leaving the set of “The Gangster Squad” last week (October 20th). He was photographed filming on set of “The Gangster Squad that same day.

Gallery Links:
Candids > 2011 >
October 20th: Leaving the set of “The Gangster Squad”

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E-Deschanel.net: 07×02 – The Hot Dog in the Competition Episode Stills

We just added the first released stills the second episode of season 7 of “Bones” in our gallery called “The Hot Dog in the Competition”. The episode will air November 10th, and be sure to catch the season premiere November 3th.

Gallery links:
2005-Present – Bones > Season 7 > 07.02 – The Hot Dog in the Competition

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Britt Robertson Online: TSC 1.07 – Masked

Preview Preview Preview Preview Preview Preview Preview Preview
The Secret Circle: Season 1: Episode Screencaps: 1.07 – Masked || Clip of Cassie Scenes
<< Britt Robertson Online // @Brittany_Online >>

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Adoring Jayma Mays: “The Smurfs” Blu-Ray Screen Captures

I have just added 295 Blu-Ray quality screen captures of Jayma Mays as Grace from her 2011 animated comedy The Smurfs to Adoring Jayma Mays, your original resource for the Glee star.

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New Layout @ Smg-Online.Org

Hi everyone! Celebrating 5 years online with a completely new layout :D.



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Cassie Scerbo Attends Halloween Parties!

I added some MQ pictures of Cassie attending two new events all dressed up for Halloween! She looks amazing.

Gallery Links
– Public Appearances > 2011 > VEVO Presents Six Feet Deep
– Public Appearances > 2011 > L.A. Gay And Lesbian Centers Halloweenie Party

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Pink out at local bar

PinkFans.org was updated with some recent pics of Pink and her family out at a local bar.

pinkfans_28129.jpg pinkfans_28229.jpg pinkfans_28529.jpg

> Candids > 2011 > 29 Oct: Out at Local Bar


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Catherine Bell – The Good Witches Family Captures

I have added 649 captures of Catherine Bell’s latest installment of TGW Hallmark movies, The Good Witches Family. I think there might be another one made due to the ending, but that’s just my speculation. :)

The Good Witches Family Caps x649

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Norman Reedus: YRB October 2011 Photoshoot & Interview

YRB October 2011 Photoshoot & Interview
Source: YRBMagazine

PROFILE: Norman Reedus by DAVID DIEHL Photography by Jason Goodrich

Styling by Joseph Episcopo Grooming by Kristan Serafino for Kiss Silicone Protexion Flat Iron

Norman Reedus is keeping his burgeoning acting career very much alive with his newest role on Walking Dead while moonlighting as Lady Gaga’s Judas.

Many actors devote their career to obtaining awards and stars on the walk of fame. Norman Reedus doesn’t care to walk down that road. His journey hasn’t snagged him any statues yet, but he does have action figures. Comic book characters were created due to personas he has played. Thousands of people have tattooed his portrait on their body. Reedus doesn’t live the life of an A-list Hollywood hunk, but he’s provided committed cult and comic fan bases with gritty crusaders that are true to the cause. He became an icon in his role as Murphy McManus in The Boondock Saints franchise, taking down the bad guys with his fraternal twin brother and the grace of the Lord. And after appearing as the leading male in Lady Gaga’s “Judas” video earlier this year, he’s now preparing to save us from zombies in the much-anticipated second season of The Walking Dead.

YRB: How did you get interested in becoming an actor?

Norman: I followed a girl to Los Angeles, and she ended up hooking up with her ex-boyfriend and then moving to Australia. So I ended up with a job fixing motorcycles for art shows. One day, I left that job and was at a party and got really drunk and was asked to be in a play. Afterwards, I kept in contact and actually did the play. A few people saw me the first couple nights and started to approach me about possibly targeting movies.

YRB: What would you consider your biggest breakthrough in the industry?

Norman: My biggest breakthrough was Boondock Saints. I mean, a lot of people wanted to be in that film. And Troy [Duffy] wanted relatively unknown people. It was 1999, and Troy was screen testing out of his own pocket. Through those screen tests he sold the film to Harvey Weinstein. He even had Harvey buy the bar that he was the bouncer at to solidify the deal. You know, Troy was really great, and this movie really became the biggest break for me. Sean [Patrick Flanery] and I had our screen test at the bar and Troy really liked our chemistry as the brothers. And this is at a time when Miramax wanted Stephen Dorff and Jon Bon Jovi to be the brothers. Crazy, right? But they fought for us; that’s how we did it. With the whole screen testing process at the bar, they believed in us.

YRB: When you were shooting the film, did you ever think it would become such a cult phenomenon?

Norman: No, man, I had no idea. You know, Columbine had recently happened and people were reluctant to touch a film with such righteous violence. Everyone who participated on the film was just like, ‘Oh, well that was fun,’ and that was that. But once it got going, it just kept growing and growing. It became a people’s movie. It’s crazy – I see tattoos on people of Sean and I as the brothers every day.
Read the rest of this entry →

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Zooey Deschanel attends Kate Hudson’s Halloween Bash

Zooey attended Kate Hudson’s Halloween party last night! Check out the pics:

October 29 2011: Kate Hudson’s Halloween Party

All new episodes of New Girl returns this Tuesday! So stay tune for more awesome stuff of Zooey as Jess!

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Jennifer Love Hewitt Candids From October 29th

Jennifer Love Hewitt was photographed out in Los Angeles two times yesterday, October 29th. She was first spotted running some errands during the day. Then, last night, Love and her boyfriend Jarod were photographed at Kate Hudson’s Halloween party. The couple showed up dressed as Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt, complete with baby dolls! Jennifer Love Hewitt Fan has added photos from these events into our photo gallery!

Jennifer Love Hewitt Fan Jennifer Love Hewitt Fan Jennifer Love Hewitt Fan Jennifer Love Hewitt Fan Jennifer Love Hewitt Fan
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