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Miranda Kerr – Bally Spring/Summer 2012 Ads

Miranda Kerr as landed a new modeling job! This time she has been hired by Bally (Switzerland clothing/fashion brand) to be in their Spring/Summer 2012 ads. The other models featured in the ad are Julia Stegner, Cedric Bihr, and Robert Konjic. The lovely photoshoots were done by the talented Norman Jean Roy.

I absolutely love the ads! How about you Miranda Fans? What do you think?

Gallery Links:
Other Projects > Bally > SS 2012 Ads

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Ed Westwick – GG Screencaptures

The screencaptures of Ed in yesterday’s episode of Gossip Girl “Rhodes To Perdition” were just added to our gallery, enjoy!

a0717.jpg a1193.jpg a1246.jpg a1596.jpg a2230.jpg

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One Direction – One Thing

Yesterday, One Direction filmed their next music video, “One Thing”, check the preview photos of the new video at 1DFans.Org

1dfans_28629.jpg 1dfans_28729.jpg 1dfans_28429.jpg 1dfans_28829.jpg 1dfans_28129.jpg

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Weeds – Promotional Pictures

HunterParrish.Org was updated with Hunter’s promotional pics for Weeds!

hunterparrish_org_28129.jpg hunterparrish_org_28129.jpg hunterparrish_org_28129.jpg hunterparrish_org_28129.jpg hunterparrish_org.png

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Prince Harry – Gallery Update

Prince Harry Fan was updated with more pictures of his 2010′ Appearences!

princeharryfan_281829.jpg princeharryfan_28129.jpg princeharryfan_28229.jpg princeharryfan_28529.jpg princeharryfan_28229.jpg

> Appearences > 2010 > 21 Jun: The HALO Trust, Mozambique
> Appearences > 2010 > 25 Jun: Intrepid Sea-Air-Space Museum
> Appearences > 2010 > 19 Dec: Bernauer Strasse Wall Memorial, Berlin
> Appearences > 2010 > 25 Dec: Christmas Day Church Service

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Blake Lively Central: Gossip Girl: 5.09 – “Rhodes to Perdition” Captures

Screencaptures of yesterday’s “Gossip Girl” episode “Rhodes to Perdition” have been added to the gallery – Serena looked awesome !

033.jpg 071.jpg 143.jpg 156.jpg 169.jpg
229.jpg 235.jpg 246.jpg 266.jpg 293.jpg

Gossip Girl > Season 5 > Screencaps > 5.09 – Rhodes to Perdition

Blake Lively Centralwww.blakelivelycentral.com
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Amanda Seyfried Fan: Amanda & Justin Appearing on El Hormiguero

Back in early November when they were in Madrid doing press for In Time they appeared on the tv show El Hormiguero. It finally aired the whole show yesterday so we now have the media and photos. I have added stills of their appearance and will add the screencaps & clip as soon as I can.

Preview Preview Preview Preview
Appearances: 2011: November 3 – Amanda & Justin Appearing on El Hormiguero

<< Amanda Seyfried Fan // Your Amanda Seyfried Source // @seyfriedfan >>

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Lisa Edelstein: various events updated

I updated the gallery of Precious Stone: Lisa Edelstein with more pictures from various events. They’re unfortunately all mq and tagged but better than nothing no? They are from different years from 2002 to 2011. Enjoy.


Gallery links:
MOCA Gala 2011: An Artist’s Life Manifesto Directed By Marina Abramovic – Arrivals
Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week – Backstage At Rebecca Taylor Spring 2008 Fashion Show
Writers Guild Of America And Strike Supporters
Frankie B. Fashion Show
H&M Celebrates Viktor & Rolf Collection With A Wedding And Fashion Show
TV Guide’s Emmy After Party
Academy Of Television Arts & Sciences Writers’ Peer Group Emmy Nominee Reception

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Emma Online: Latest Candids Round-Up

We just added all the missing candids of Emma from the last few months (August, September, October, November) in our gallery. She was seen in New York, Santa Monica and London. All the previews and links can be found below.

Gallery Links
Out & About > 2011 > August 6: Shopping in London
Out & About > 2011 > August 7: Outside a restaurant in Santa Monica with Johnny Simmons
Out & About > 2011 > August 30: Departing from Shepherd’s Bush Empire In London
Out & About > 2011 > September 2: Out on a Business Luncheon in London
Out & About > 2011 > September 5: Out & About in London
Out & About > 2011 > September 7: Heading to Heathrow airport in London
Out & About > 2011 > September 7: Out & About in London
Out & About > 2011 > September 9: Out on a lunch date with Johnny Simmons in New York
Out & About > 2011 > September 26: At JFK and Heathrow Airport
Out & About > 2011 > October 3: Arriving at Newark Airport after a flight from New York
Out & About > 2011 > November 5: Heading to a “Rum Diary” Screening in Oxford, London
Out & About > 2011 > November 26: Walking in Covent Garden in London

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Julianna Margulies on CBS Watch!

The december issue of CBS Watch! is out and Julianna is on it. Thanks to joshbawmanfan.com scans have been added to Margulies Fan gallery


Gallery link:
Magazines > CBS Watch! – December 2011

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Alison Brie Web: Community 3×09 Still & TVGuide Dec Cover

I have added a promotional still of Alison from this week’s episode of Community called “Foosball and Nocturnal Vigilantism”. Also Community has won TVGuide’s 2011 Fan Favorites Award. There will be 3 covers of the show which will hit stands on Dec 1! I have added the cover with Alison on it. Check out the pics:

3×09 Promotional Stills
TVGuide (December 2011)

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Elizabeth Olsen attends the Gotham Independent Film Awards

Lizzie attended yesterday evening the Gotham Independent Film Awards, where she was nominated for Breaktrough Actor, but unfortunately she lost to Felicity Jones. Check out the pictures of the event in the gallery!

[x033] Public Appearances > 2011 > November 28: Gotham Independent Film Awards

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Zachary Quinto attends Gotham Awards

Zachary attended 21st Annual Gotham Independent Film Awards yesterday where he got to present with his friend, Sarah Paulson the Audience Choice Award to Justin Lerner’s Girlfriend. His film, Margin Call was nominated for Best Ensemble Performance but it went to Mike Mills’ Beginners. Check out the pics:

11-28-11: IFP’s 21st Annual Gotham Independent Film Awards

I have also added Kristen’s voiceovers from last night’s episode of Gossip Girl to the Media Archive. Kristen’s other new show, Unsupervised which she is voicing on will be premiering on January 19 at 10:30pm ET/PT.

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Hugh Jackman – Oklahoma Captures

These captures have been added a few days ago but I forgot to make an update post about it. I managed to add 662 dvd captures of Hugh Jackman when he did his theater stint of the classic musical Oklahoma.

Gallery Links:
Film & Theater Career > Oklahoma! (1999) > DVD Caps

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Miranda Kerr – Chelsea Lately Captures + Video

Tonight, Miranda Kerr stopped by and payed a visit to Chelsea Lately. I have added 135 captures to the gallery. Click here (right click + save as) to watch the video.

Gallery Links:
Screen Captures > Talkshows & Interviews > Chelsea Lately – November 28, 2011

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