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DowntOnline Grand Opening!

Welcome to the grand opening of DowntOnline! The newest fansite dedicated strictly to all things Downton Abbey and the entire cast of the show! DowntOnline is run by Nicole and Sam who felt like, with such a wonderful fandom like Downton Abbey’s, a site to get all the latest news, pictures, and info on your favorite characters or cast members was needed!  As of now we are continuing to add and make the site grow, and you can count on it being continuously updated. For more information about us you can go on up to the about staff page of the site and find out some info about us and now to contact us. Also our Twitter has been open and is also going to be updated at all times with any new information that comes up.
We had so much help putting together this site and we wanted to give a special thank you to Mariana, Isabelle, Mette, Mandy and Roberta, thank you girls for everything!
Finally we really hope you all enjoy this site as much as we have had putting it together and opening it for all of you. Downton Abbey fandom is spread out across the world and we hope that this is just one way that can bring us all closer together.
Enjoy your stay!

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Amber Valleta – On Set (Photoshoot)

Revenge Fan was updated with photos of Amber Valleta on the set of a photoshoot, in NYC (November 29th).

revengefan_28929.jpg revengefan_28529.jpg revengefan_28329.jpg revengefan_281429.jpg revengefan_281029.jpg

Related Link

The Cast > Amber Valleta > Candids > 2011 > 29 Nov: On Set of a Photoshoot, NYC

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Prince Harry – Night Out in London

Yesterday, Prince Harry had a night out in London, with Chelsy Davy, you can read more about it and check the pictures at Prince Harry Fan

princeharryfan_28129.jpg princeharryfan_28229.jpg princeharryfan_28329.jpg princeharryfan_28429.jpg

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Screencaps of the new trailer up at Dallas Fan!

New screencaps are up at Dallas Fan from the new trailer.

Dallas Fan Gallery > Show > Season One > Trailer # 2

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Lisa Edelstein attends JustFabulous Holiday Collection Celebration Party

Pictures of the latest event of Lisa have been added to Precious Stone: Lisa Edelstein gallery. Few but good HQs.


Gallery link:
Events From 2011 > JustFabulous Holiday Collection Celebration Party

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Michelle Dockery for Evening Standard

Downton Christmas special is so good you’ll vomit , says Lady Emma Fellowes. Read the article for the EVENING STANDARD here.

a massive thank you goes to downtonline.com

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First Look: Kristen Bell at Showtime’s 6th Annual Holiday Soiree

Kristen attended Showtime’s 6th Annual Holiday Soiree. I have added the first 5 pics of her so far:

12-01-11: Showtime’s 6th Annual Holiday Soiree

Zachary attended 21st Annual Beat The Odds. Here is his first pics as well:

12-01-11: The Children’s Defense Fund’s 21st Annual Beat The Odds

Lots more pics to come of both of them!

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Chloe Moretz attends Tommy Hilfiger Flagship Store Launch

Chloe went to the opening of Tommy Hilfiger Flagship Store in London yesterday. Check out the pics:

December 1 2011: Tommy Hilfiger Flagship Store Launch

National Board Of Review named Hugo the best film and Martin Scorsese as best director! If you have not seen Hugo yet, make sure to do so!

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Teri Hatcher Web -Lois & Clark – Season 3 Captures Complete & More

I’ve added the last 9 episodes from season 3 of  “Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman” to the gallery at Teri Hatcher Web. We also have a new layout at our photo gallery! I have completely redone the Filmography page as well. I have added a bunch of new film pages and updated almost every page.

Please visit Teri Hatcher Web for all the latest on Teri!

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She & Him on Jay Leno

Zooey and Matthew performed The Christmas Waltz on Jay Leno on Monday. It was off their new album called A Very She & Him Christmas. Some pics have been added:

Gallery Link:
November 28 2011: Jay Leno

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Alison Brie Web: Community 3×09 screencaps added

HD screencaps of Alison on last night’s new episode of Community have been added:

3×09: Foosball and Nocturnal Vigilantism [HD]

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Daemon’s TV Exclusive Interview with Norman Reedus

Daemon’s TV Exclusive Interview with Norman Reedus
Source: Daemon’s TV

It must be quite a interesting experience to be Norman Reedus these days.

Not only is he in The Walking Dead one of the most critically acclaimed shows of the year but he gets to play one of the most beloved character on the show. Why you ask? My fellow writer The TV Czar said it best in 5 Must See TV Stars:

He has managed to transform this racist hillybilly character into someone loved and rooted for by the audience. Also, he seems to be one of the few characters on the show that is capable of common sense thinking when faced with a zombie apocalypse. He should get at least a Golden Globe nomination for that alone.

To top it all off, Norman doesn’t just rest on his laurels as he uses his profile to help out very deserving causes through his web site and with his photography that you can buy on Charity Buzz (all proceeds go to charity).

Daemon’s TV was lucky enough to catch Norman during this interesting time and ask him a few burning questions about the last TWD episode, what we should expect when the show comes back next year and what show he would love to guest star on. Check out what he had to say below and don’t forget to watch the new episodes of The Walking Dead which return next year Sunday Feb 12 at 9/8c.

Congratulations on a great second season of ‘The Walking Dead’ so far.

Norman Reedus: Yeah, thanks. I think after episode 8 it gets even better, to be honest.

Sophia walking out of the barn in the last episode, that was a shocker. Did you know about that all along?

Norman Reedus: We didn’t know that was going to happen. We kind of had an idea, but they give us our scripts just before we shoot. So, we didn’t really know for sure, but we had a good idea that it was going to happen.

You had a suspicion that she was nearby?

Norman Reedus: Yeah, and there was also talk that maybe Merle had her. There was talk that maybe she joined in with another group. There’s always talk about what’s going to happen on our set, but I think we kind of knew that was going to happen.
Read the rest of this entry →

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Chloe Moretz in Dirty Sexy Money

I have added screencaps of Chloe’s guest star appearance as Kiki George on Dirty Sexy Money. She only appeared in 7 episodes in the show. Most of them were in Season 1 and one episode in Season 2. The remaining screencaps that were missing on the site are now up including screencaps from the dvd features in Season 1:

Episode 1.04 – The Chiavennasca
Episode 1.05 – The Bridge
Episode 1.07 – The Wedding
Episode 1.07 Deleted Scene “Part Of The Family”
Episode 1.10 – The Nutcracker
The Road To Excess: Making Dirty Sexy Money
Episode 2.03 – The Star Witness

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Grand opening of SASSY! Sarah Michelle Gellar.

After months of hard work, we have finally launched or new fansite dedicated to the stunning Sarah Michelle Gellar! The site already contain quite a lot of pages and a gallery with 30 000+ photos, but there is still much more to come the coming weeks. Sassy is ran by four girls: Isabelle, Mandy, Michelle & Chanel. We have all wanted to create a site for Sarah for many years now, so we finally decided to join forces and give it a try! The aim with Sassy is to bring fans all the latest and greatest on one of our alltime favourite celebrities, as well as giving you bucketloads of goodies, raries and in-depth information.

All feedback on the site is truely appriciated – you can leave your comments by commenting on the main sites posts, or at our contact page (website > contact us). You can also follow us on twitter @Sassy_SMG for all the latest on Sarah and the site!

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Blake Lively Central: On the Set of Gossip Girl – December 1

Blake was earlier today (November 1) spotted on set of “Gossip Girl” and looked as adorable as always, I love this casual outfit! Also the one or other has probably noticed that after almost 1 year we do have a new gorgeous layout up at the gallery. It was made by the awesome Tathy and we hope you like it as much as we do :) .

001.jpg 002.jpg 006.jpg 005.jpg 010.jpg

Gossip Girl > Season 5 > On The Set > On the Set of Gossip Girl – December 1

Blake Lively Centralwww.blakelivelycentral.com
Twitter: @blivelycentral | Facebook: BlakeLivelyCentral.com

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