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Norman Reedus Talks Blood, Dirt & Art

Norman Talks Blood, Dirt & Art
Source: Dixon’s Vixens

Norman Reedus gave a quick interview to The Walking Dead Br in which he talked about Daryl Dixon and several other aspects of his career. The original interview (in Portuguese) can be found here. We’re honored that Kelly has made the English version available for us to share on this site. Thank you Kelly!

by Kelly Ribeiro and Danielle Klizas

How exactly did you go into acting?
I was introduced to a director I ended up doing a play for at the Tiffany Theater in Los Angeles after I drank too much at a party and started screaming at all the guests from the second story of a living room. I had just quit my job at a motorcycle place in Venice, so I needed a job. An agent was in the audience of the play the first night I did it and ended up casting me in my first film. I was very lucky I guess.

Tell us a little about your work as a filmmaker. How was the creative process of making those three short films?
Well, I helped start a gallery-artist residence in New York that lasted a few years. The people involved were all very creative and we worked together on a few projects including art shows and creative gatherings. All three short films have different stories how they came together. One of them I was in a Berlin hospital after being hit by a truck there during the Berlin Film Festival, I ended up sneaking out of that hospital and flying to Los Angeles in the middle of the night to film that with a black and blue face and an eye patch over one eye. If you look up a short film called “Meet me in Berlin” that’s a short film someone made about that time. It’s actually all real and really happened. The other one was filmed in New York with friends about a lawyer having a nervous breakdown and meeting himself and eventually being left behind by his new self.

What does “Big Bald Head” stand for?
My mother took me to a Laurie Anderson concert when I was really young – it’s from the song “Sharkey’s Day.”

You have a photo exhibit on display now in New York. How did you get into photography?
I do actually right now it’s to raise money for Oxfam. I travel a lot, makes for good photos.

What have you been listening to these days?
I like so much music. Sonic Youth, National, The Make Up, Dinosaur Jr – I listen to a lot of different stuff pretty much all day.

Do your tattoos have a special meaning behind them or you just picked them for the artwork alone?
They all have different meanings. Some names (my dad died – his name was Norman so it’s above my heart) my son Mingus’ name and other stuff.

Does Daryl ever take showers? He’s always dirty and sweaty even when the other survivors are not.
Well, they are dirty – just not as dirty. You also have to think Daryl has been out looking for Sophia when the others were back at the farm. He cleans up every once in a while. I’m always asking Donna our makeup person for more dirt. It’s become kind of a joke on set that I don’t want anyone dirtier than me. Same with blood. I get jealous if another person has more blood and dirt than me.

In case of a zombie apocalypse, which character do you think you would behave like?
Daryl probably.

What was the most interesting piece of TWD memorabilia you have ever seen?
Well, I stole the crossbow. I have it here with me in New York in my apartment . I gave it to my son.

We hear you’re cast for Sunlight Jr., acting opposite Naomi Watts and Matt Dillon. What’s going to be your role?
Her ex. A jerk. Angry. Sort of living with regret.

Which projects will you be working on now that you’ve wrapped TWD’s second season?
The one you mentioned above first. Then I’m back on the show. Some art shows then zombie world again back in Georgia.

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