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Isabel Lucas makes an ‘I Will If You Will’ challenge for Earth Hour 2012

Aussie actress Isabel Lucas has pledged her support to Earth Hour 2012, and has made her own ‘I Will If You Will’ challenge, designed to inspire people to help the environment. Isabel has promised to plant 100 trees if 100 people plant one tree each. “Earth Hour is an opportunity to come together to support a cause for the greater good of our planet and our whole human family,” she says. It’s “a moment to feel grateful for the life giving trees, the air we breath, the food and water that nourish us and the beauty of mother nature.”

Read more about Isabel’s involvement, plus watch her promotional video for the campaign at Isabel Lucas Online.

Earth Hour 2012 takes place at 8.30pm – 9.30pm on Saturday 31st March. Find out more about Earth Hour at their official website, www.earthhour.org.

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