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Zoe Saldana Source Reopened & Gallery Update

Saldana-Source.us has been on a hiatus for a few months now. I was planning on creating a new layout and getting the gallery updated but things have been crazy busy and never got a chance to finish it. So, to be able to bring all the latest updates on Zoe Saldana, I have decided to just reopen with the previous layout. A bunch of new and exciting things will be happening over the next few months into the new year, so please keep visiting.

Zoe Saldana has made many appearances over the last few months, and here at Saldana-Source.us we have done a massive update to the appearance and out & about categories for this year, 2012.

Be sure to view all the photos of Zoe attending the events and out & about.

Images are for personal use only. If you repost these images on your site there must be credit.

Gallery Links:

Zoe Saldana Source at www.saldana-source.us
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