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Samantha Jade Network: Meet Our December #samanstar: Stefania – @SammiJFans

Congratulations to  Stefania for being out first #samanstar of the month check out our interview below

When was the first time you heard samantha sing?

The first time I saw Sammy sing was about 7 years ago, I was on my myspace profile and had stumbled across her myspace. It was then when I realized she sang the Step Up song in the movie Step Up. The day after I made a Samantha Jade Fanspace on myspace and have been supporting her ever since.

What is your Favorite song of samantha?

My favorite Samantha Jade song would have to be Turn Around and What You’ve Done To Me. Both written by Sammy and it showcases her wonderful songwriting talents!

Have you met samantha and if so tell me what happened?

I was scheduled to meet Sammy backstage on the xfactor when I flew to Australia to see her perform live but due to illness during the show, I had to be rushed to the hospital so I missed my chance but hopefully I will one day.

Why are you samantha’s biggest fan?

I am Sammy’s biggest fan because no matter what I’ve stuck by her side even when things took a twisted turn. I was fortunate enough to know the personal side of Sammy when chatting with her daily through her myspace and email, she was always a genuine person and despite her busy schedule she would always take the time to write back. She had all the qualities I look for in a musican, she was sweet, very talented and down to earth which is what drew me to her. I’ve never dedicated myself more to any musican like I have with Sammy, her music always makes me smile. I’ve been supporting her for 7 years and was completely heartbroken to find out that she was dropped from Jive records and her album wouldn’t be released, despite that I continued to support her and never gave up on her. I knew one day that she would get her chance to live her dream the was it was suppose to be, once I found out she had auditioned for X factor Australia, I was very thrilled to do everything I could to show how amazing and talented she was by getting people to vote, spreading the word and spending countless hours voting as much as I could. There’s nothing I wouldn’t do for Sammy and will always be a dedicated fan, to everyone she’s Samantha Jade, X Factor winner 2012, to me she’s just Sammy.

Have you seen Samantha perform live and if so what was it like?

I saw Sammy live when I flew to Australia to watch her on xfactor the week she preformed UFO and was the most amazing experience. She captivated the audience & judges with her edge dance performance and killer vocals. When Sammy preforms she makes you wanna up out of your seats and join her on stage, her performance was perfection. Better than any concert I’ve been to

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