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FreemaWeb: Carrie Diaries Caps & Old Jack’s Boat & Twitter

The exciting bit first: Freema has joined twitter! Over the years there have been a few fake accounts but now it’s official Freema really has joined twitter. Go follow her #FreemaOfficial.

I have added caps of episodes two and three of The Carrie Diaries to the gallery. Links and a description of next week’s episode 1.04 “Fright Night” are below. A promo is available on youtube. Also, a reminder that you can still catch Old Jack’s Boat on the BBC iplayer.

When Carrie is invited to a Halloween party in the city by Larissa, she decides to invite Walt to go with her to keep her company. It doesn’t take long before the night goes awry and Carrie is forced to babysit Larissa, who has clearly taken too many drugs. Walt finds himself in an uncomfortable position after a party guest gets a little too close for comfort. Elsewhere, Maggie convinces Mouse to go with her to Sebastian’s Halloween party at the diner to help keep tabs on him. After Doritt’s attempt to sneak out of the house is thwarted, she discovers hanging out with her father isn’t so bad.

x045 The Carrie Diaries 1.02 – Lie With Me Caps
x062 The Carrie Diaries 1.03 – Read Before Use Caps

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New Event Images@FreemaWeb

As promised the gallery has been updated with images from events Freema attended in the last few weeks. Back in October the premiere episode of The Carrie Diaries was shown at the New York Television Festival and the cast appeared at a panel for the show during the cw Winter TCA. Speaking to TV Guide Freema said the following about her character:

My character is not in the book, but the part is fabulous – Larissa is completely our executive producer’s creation. She will drag Carrie the whole way with her and it probably will be bumpy and rocky along the way. I don’t know if she’ll get Carrie into trouble, but I do know that at my audition, the network wanted to see if I could deal with the drama that was coming up, as well as the comedy, so I take it she’s going to have some downs and ups.

x014 New York Television Festival
x009 2013 CW Winter TCA

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FreemaWeb is Back!

FreemaWeb was down for a while and I apologize for all the downtime and confusion. The important thing is that we are back and will stay here. However, our old domain expired and is now no longer available. So, the url has changed from [dot]com to [dot]org.


FreemaWeb.ORG     FreemaWeb.ORG       FreemaWeb.ORG

There are some changes and updates coming soon including a brand new layout. The gallery will also be updated. I’m very glad we’re back and I hope you are too.

Freema and costar Annasophia Robb were seen filming scenes for the Carrie Diaries pilot in New York City yerterday. I’m not too wild about the costume choices but Freema looks stunning as always and seems to have a great time on set. An official promo picture of Annasophia’s Carrie has already been released hopefully one of Freema will follow soon.

x047 The Carrie Diaries on set 25 March, 2012

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“Arts for Africa” Gala Dinner@Archie-Panjabi.Com

Archie is no stranger to charitable causes just earlier this month she hosted Pratham’s annual tri-state gala in New York. The event succeeded in raising $1.1 million for children in India. Now, just a couple of days ago Archie attended the Arts for Africa gala dinner. On this occasion Archie looks especially stunning in a shiny orange dress. Thanks to the absolutely fantastic Claudia who runs www.margulies-fan.com I have been able to add 17 high quality images of the events to the gallery. Have a look at the lovely pics and don’t forget to catch The Good Wife tonight.

x017 Arts for Africa Gala Dinner

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L&O: UK Series 6 Caps@FreemaWeb.Com

I have finally been able to add screen captures of series six of law & Order: UK to the gallery. The first two episode have already aired on BBC America the previous weeks. Hopefully I will be able to caps of this week’s episode as well. It’s weird not seeing Jamie Bamber as Matt Devlin but in my opinion Paul Nicholls’ DS Sam Casey is a good addition to the cast. Below you can find the episode description for 6×03 Haunted.

When a petty criminal makes a deathbed confession to the murder of a teenage girl, Ronnie is left shaken to the core as he is forced to reopen a case he thought he had put to bed fourteen years ago.
Premieres October 12th at 9/8c.

x151 law & Order: UK 6×01 – Survivor’s Guilt caps
x203 law & Order: UK 6×02 – Immune caps

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Terra Nova “Instinct” Caps@Shelley-Conn.Com

FOX’s Terra Nova is now in its second week and still going strong. Screen captures of yesterday’s episode 1×03 “Instinct” have been added to the gallery. I am glad to say that the show is very much sticking with the family drama focus. Shelley is wonderful to watch as Elisabeth. The press release for next week’s episode “What Remains” can be found below or you can watch a preview on youtube.

When Elisabeth, Jim, Malcolm and Taylor investigate radio silence at a nearby scientific outpost, they discover an outbreak of a mysterious virus causing memory loss, paranoia and eventually death. The group must work together to find a cure before they lose their sanity and all of Terra Nova is infected in the all-new “What Remains” episode of TERRA NOVA premiering Monday, Oct. 10 (8:00-9:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. (TN-105) (TV-14 L, V)

x277 Terra Nova 1×03 “Instinct” screen captures

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“The Death Zone” Caps Added@Archie-Panjabi.Com

Screencaps of yesterday’s episode of The Good Wife have been added to the gallery. Still no warming of the ice in sight as far as Alicia and Kalinda are concerned but that just means that Kalinda gets to spend some time with Eli which is fine by me. You can find the press release for next Sunday’s episode below or watch a 20 second video promo on youtube.

“Get A Room” – Alicia and Will go toe-to-toe with his ex during a court-ordered mediation, while Eli and Diane clash over the best way to handle a dairy company’s PR disaster, on “THE GOOD WIFE,” Sunday, Oct. 9 (9:00-10:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network. Lisa Edelstein (“House”) guest stars as Celeste Serrano, Will’s ex and opposing council.

x127 The Good Wife: 3×02 – The Death Zone screencaps

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“Bad Bad Thing” HD Caps Added Archie-Panjabi.Com

The Good Wife is finally back with new episodes on our TV screens. Season three premiered on CBS last night. I can’t believe it’s season three already. The premiere episode was of the same great quality fans have come to expect from previous seasons. Quite a bit of Kalinda in the first episode. Too bad Kelli Giddish won’t be sticking around that scene with her and Kalinda in the end was brilliant. If you can’t wait for next week’s episode have a look at the press release below.

“The Death Zone” – When Alicia wins a verdict in a libel case involving a British businessman, she must quickly learn to navigate English Law when the case is retried in British court via satellite, on “THE GOOD WIFE,” Sunday, Oct. 2 (9:00-10:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network. Emmy Award winner Eddie Izzard (“The Riches”) guest stars as Queen’s Council James Thrush.

x280 TGW 3×01 “Bad Bad Thing” caps

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Law & Order: UK 5×01 Screen Caps@FreemaWeb.Com

Law & Order: UK was finally back with new episodes last night. Series five kicks off with some major cast changes (namely no more Ben Daniels and no regular Bill Paterson). Getting used to the new cast members and the change in dynamic that their addition naturally creates wasn’t as difficult as expected. “The Wrong Man” is available on the ITV player for all those of you that missed the episode last night. Screen captures have been added to the gallery and a description of next week’s episode can be found in the sidebar on the left.



x259 Law & Order: UK 5×01 “The Wrong Man”

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Law & Order: UK Series Five Update@FreemaWeb.Com

The ITV press pack for Law & Order: UK series five includes an interview with Freema in which she talks about working with her new colleagues Peter Davison and Dominic Rowan. She also gives an outlook on what the new group dynamic is like. I have also added three new stills to the gallery.

I think Alesha feels mild irritation towards Jake a lot of the time, which I like to think is homage to her strong feelings about James Steel. The nature of the show is to move forward and it is about the job not their personal lives, but I like to feel the change is not simply a complete substitution without it being marked in her mind. However they do have to work as a team. Alesha also seems to show a level of amusement towards Jake at times, which gives her a more mature appearance – almost like a wry smiling parent.

She certainly comes across as the more patient and wiser of the two on occasion which is a different dynamic. It was a nice change. I think there is a power balance shift within the new team. That means different requirements for me as her level of involvement has increased. I sense a real equality between Jake and Alesha; he is in a senior role but she has been there longer so that balances their dynamic a little bit. With Henry she has a father figure, a calm, patriarchal devil’s advocate but with all three it feels on more of an even keel with the new line up.



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“Sirens” Screen Caps@Charlene-McKenna.Com

I have added screen captures of Charlene in last night’s episode of Channel 4’s Sirens. She plays Angie, a character full of mystique, who has to juggle two boyfriends. For all those inside the United Kingdom, the episode is available on the Channel 4 website. Charlene will be in a second episode of Sirens, although I’m not sure if it will be next week’s.


x285 “Sirens” episode 1×02 screen captures


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More Monte Carlo Images@Archie-Panjabi.com

As the Monte Carlo Television Festival progressed more images of Archie have emerged. I have added 36 images of Archie at the Good Wife Photocall – including a bunch of high qualities generously donated by the continuously fantastic Matt . Archie also attended the festival’s closing ceremony. First images of that event have been added to the gallery as well. More will be added as they become available.


x036 51st Monte Carlo TV Festival – The Good Wife Photocall
x010 51st Monte Carlo TV Festival Closing Ceremony

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“Resistance” at the Hay Festival

“Resistance” is part of the 2011 Hay Festival. Owen Sheers, novelist and screenwriter, will preview clips from the film on Sunday 29 May on 7pm at Llwyfan Cymru – Wales Stage. Admittance is £7. The Telegraph – official sponsor of the Hay Festival – published a lengthy article by Sheers detailing his experience working on the film. A small extract is quoted below but you should read the whole thing here.

Suddenly we were just weeks away from filming. Everything was falling into place.
Everything, that is, except for our leading lady, for whom we were still looking. Then word came through from Sam Jones, our casting director, that Andrea Riseborough – the actress who played Margaret Thatcher to great acclaim in the television drama The Long Walk to Finchley and will soon be seen as Wallis Simpson in Madonna’s new film, WE – might be available. She was, however, about to leave the country for her home in Los Angeles. Amit didn’t waste any time. Driving out to Heathrow to meet her in the departures hall they discussed his aspirations for the film and for the part of Sarah Lewis which we hoped she’d accept. […]

I met Andrea myself at the end of that first day’s filming. The house we were using was high on the slopes of Llanthony valley. She wore a large padded coat over her costume and was playing a guitar on a sofa in the kitchen. It felt like meeting two people at once – our female lead who I didn’t yet know, and a woman I’d dreamt up many years ago who I did.

Andrea Riseborough Fan

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The Good Wife 2×22 Caps@Archie-Panjabi.Com

Last night’s episode of The Good Wife was fantastic – as always. Shame that there is only one more episode left. It was so heartbreaking to see Kalinda unravel in the elevator. I wish she could have confided in Will a little more but I guess the whole thing with Alicia taught her that she really doesn’t have any friends. It will be interesting to see how long it takes for Alicia to forgive her. That question is the subject of short TV Guide interview.

Although it’s unclear whether Alicia will ever really forgive her, Panjabi says she has been pleasantly surprised by the fan reaction in spite of the fallout.

“For some reason, people haven’t taken it out against Kalinda. I think they are surprised at what Kalinda’s done, but they don’t seem to be completely furious with her,” Panjabi says. “I think people are sort of let down, but they are not annoyed or angry with her. And if you think about what she’s done, she’s kind of broken up a whole family.”

The interview also explores the possibility of new friendships/romances although as always not much is being revealed. But the friendship between Kalinda and Cary will continue to develop. Now, if you’re excited for next week’s episode “Closing Arguments” you can watch a short preview on youtube



x362 The Good Wife: 2×22 Getting Off screen captures

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Charlene McKenna Cast in “Naked Apes”

Great news: Charlene has been cast in “Naked Apes”, a new comedy that is being developed for Channel Four. The Herald Ireland characterizes it as “a lead role” but her character wasn’t included in the detailed overview of the show. But the following is known: Charlene will be playing the part of Angie, a history and politics student. A press release issued by Channel Four summarizes the show as follows:

To the outside world Stuart, Ashley and Rachid look like angels of mercy; to their colleagues, they’re a trio of pedantic know-alls; and to the career alcoholics and late night revelers on the swarming streets of Leeds, they’re nothing more than glorified taxi drivers with one drop-off point – Accident & Emergency.

Discussing the project with The Herald Charlene talked a bit about her character:

“I’m playing a character who’s very crusty, and chic. She’s very liberated in her views. I’m really looking forward to it, it’s a new challenge.”

Filming for the show began earlier this month in Leeds. The six hour-long episodes are scheduled to be transmitted on Channel Four in the Summer. [read more at charlene-mckenna.com]

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