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Jessica Lange Web: Rob Roy Screencaptures

I’ve added HD captures of Jessica from her role in 1995’s Rob Roy to the gallery at Jessica Lange Web.

Gallery Link:
Film Productions > 1995: Rob Roy > Screencaptures

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Ashley Greene: June Candids Update

Candids > Candids 2013 > June 7
Candids > Candids 2013 > June 9
Candids > Candids 2013 > June 10

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HQ Scans: Para Todos 2010 – 2012

I realized that the scans of Genesis Rodriguez in Para Todos weren’t in High Quality so I replaced and added all the scans in High Quality to I Heart Genesis‘s photogallery. The issues added were from 2010 to 2012. The newest issue of July 2013 will be added once it is released to public so keep an eye out for it! You can click below on the thumbnails or the gallery links to access.


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HQ Stills & Promotional Photos from Summerland, and some events!

I’ve added several HQ (High Quality) stills and promotional photos of Taylor from her hit tv series, Summerland. They’ve been added to Taylor Cole Online‘s photogallery and you can click the thumbnails or gallery links below. I’ve also added a few HQ photos from 3 different events which you can check out as well!




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The Fosters “Quinceanera” Screencaptures

Tonight’s episode of “The Fosters” is capped and added to the gallery at The Fosters Fan.

The Fosters Fan Gallery > Show > Season 1 > 104 “Quinceanera”

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PhoebeandTeresa.Com EXCLUSIVE Interview with Phoebe Tonkin and Teresa Palmer

So about a week or so ago Phoebe Tonkin and Teresa Palmer Agrees to answer a few questions about themselves there friendship and the career’s Exclusively for PhoebeandTeresa.com.
The girls talk about how they met, there upcoming film together and more so enjoy!


Fav Film: The labyrinth
Fav TV Series:Unsolved mysteries(back in the day!)
Fav Food:Mary’s gone crackers and garlic dip!
Fav Animal: dog
Fav Book: the Glass Castle
Fav Sport: to watch-basketball,to play-Netball (Australian game)
Fav Colour:indigo
Fav Song: always changes but right now “whispering winds” by Moby
Fav Actor: Joaquin Phoenix
Fav Actress: Penelope Cruz



Fav Film:  Great Expectations
Fav TV Series:  Girls
Fav Food:  Salmon
Fav Animal:  Sloths
Fav Book:  Lolita
Fav Sport: Basketball
Fav Colour:  Blue
Fav Song:  “Caring is creepy” by  The shins
Fav Actor:  Sean Penn
Fav Actress:  Rose Byrne

Thank you both for doing this i can’t thank you enough, you girls are amazing, so i guess my first question would be how to you girls become friends?

TP: We met in Sydney a fees years back and then met again in LA through mutual friends. We always say that we feel in love on a road trip to Coachella in 2011. Phoebe had no one to drive her so I offered and we spent the whole trip bonding and connecting. We were amazed to realize how similar we are. I always think of phoebes as my little sister from another mister. We are so similar.

PT: We met through mutual friends and then ended up in a car together going to a music festival in California. We spent three hours talking and realized we were soul sisters! Ever since then Teresa has become one of my best friends.

What inspired you to start YZL and what was the process like?

TP: We both have a passion for all things wellness so one night we talked about our love for this stuff and the idea of Your Zen Life came about. Phoebs and I really feel inspired by other people in our community with profiles who set out to make a positive impact, we knew it was so important to us and that’s when YZL was breathed to life.

PT:  We were always sharing stories and tips, and showing each other new recipes or good blogs to visit. We wanted to create a platform for people to share and discuss. Its a scrapbook of ideas and positivity,

Is it hard to come up with material for the site?

Read the full interview over at Phoebeandteresa.com



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Elisabeth Moss – Mad Men Screencaps

Over at Enchanting Elisabeth Moss we’ve got all the screencaps from the last couple of episodes of Mad Men.

Enchanting Elisabeth Moss Gallery > Mad Men > Season 6 > 610 “A Tale of Two Cities”
Enchanting Elisabeth Moss Gallery > Mad Men > Season 6 > 611 “Favors”
Enchanting Elisabeth Moss Gallery > Mad Men > Season 6 > 612 “The Quality of Mercy”
Enchanting Elisabeth Moss Gallery > Mad Men > Season 6 > 613 “In Care Of”

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Mireille Enos – The Killing Screencaps

Last night’s episode of The Killing is capped and added to the gallery at Mireille Enos Fan.

Mireille Enos Fan Gallery > The Killing > Season 3 > 305 “Scared and Running”

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Mamie at Feed & Target Launch

Mamie attended the FEED USA + Target Launch event on Wednesday, June 19 looking uber-cute and girly alongside Sophia Bush. Big thanks to Claudia for the photos!

Public Appearances > Public Appearances 2013 > June 19: FEED USA + Target Launch Event

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Jennifer Lopez Earns Her Star On The Hollywood Walk Of Fame

Making an impact in both the acting and music world, Jennifer Lopez was honored with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame on Thursday (June 20). The “Live It Up” singer surrounded herself with family and her beau, Casper Smart, in a white sleeveless top and billowy peach skirt as she posed with her star.

Stoked for the award, the 43-year-old talent tweeted, “I wouldn’t be where I am today w/o all of YOU and your infinite love & dedication. So excited for all of you to share this day with me!!! :)”

Nabbing the 2500th star, later J-Lo added, “The road that led to this day is paved with hard work, happiness & your amazing support! Excited to see u soon!!”

Check out over 550 pics, thanks to DeA, in the gallery of Jennifer Lopez Fan!

002.jpg  042.jpg  043.jpg  045.jpg  382.jpg

114.jpg  130.jpg  140.jpg  345.jpg  390.jpg

Gallery Links:
– Events from 2013 > June 20th: Jennifer Lopez being honored with a star on the Hollywood Walk Of Fame in Hollywood

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New 2007 Photoshoot, Damages Promotional Pictures & Stills!

I’ve uploaded two new photoshoot sets of Noah from 2007 to Noah Bean Daily‘s photogallery. Unfortunately both sets only have 1 photo but it’s in HQ (High Quality)! I’ve also added another photoshoot pic of Noah from 2012, which was used in his interview with Untitled Magazine. Besides the new photoshoot pictures, I’ve added the promotional picture of Noah from Damages season 1 as well as episode stills which are all in HQ! You can click on the thumbnail below for the bigger image or head over to the gallery using the links below.


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Maddie Hasson Fan – “Twisted” Screen Captures

Hi! Caps of the first and second episode of Twisted are now up in the gallery at Maddie Hasson Fan

x 510 – “Twisted” – 1×01 (Pilot) – HD Screencaptures
x 368 – “Twisted” – 1×02 (Grief is a Five-Letter Word) – HD Screencaptures

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Genesis Rodriguez Covers ‘Para Todos’ July 2013


Genesis Rodriguez is stunning in Mara Hoffman on the cover of Para Todos‘ July 2013 issue, provided exclusively toJustJared.com!

Here’s what the 25-year-old actress had to share with the mag:

On working with Paul Walker in Hours:“He’s not hard to look at, he’s a beautiful guy, but more so he’s a beautiful guy on the inside. We had a lot of things in common, the first night we got to know each other I found out he was a super fan of Star Wars. We had a lot of things in common and we got a long great on set.”

On who she wants to work with in the future: “It’s my dream to work with incredible directors. It’s my dream to be in a Woody Allen film, that would be awesome, or just as cool a JJ Abrams film. I do want to be some sort of superhero, I feel like I have to do that in my life and I hope it’s a cool one. Wonder Woman hasn’t been made yet!”

On how she stays in shape: “[Trainer] Mike Alexander. I eat whatever I want, I drink whatever I want, I don’t limit myself but I do work out hard at the gym. With Mike I know I am getting good results and I think that is the most important thing. Go with someone that you really enjoy being with because you don’t need a drill sergeant.”

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AnnaSophia Robb: The Way, Way Back LA Film Festival Closing Night Gala – 23 June

I have added 64 HQ’s from The Way, Way Back LA Film Festival Closing Night Gala.

Home > Public Appearances > 2013 > “The Way, Way Back” LA Film Festival Closing Night Gala – 23 June

AnnaSophia Robb Web.

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HQ Photos: Surrogates & The Violent Kind

I’ve added 2 HQ stills of Taylor in the movie, The Violent Kind as well as 1 HQ still of Taylor in the movie, Surrogates and 1 Promotional Picture from Surrogates to Taylor Cole Online’s photogallery.


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