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CW Upfront 2009 – Melrose Place

Melrose-Place.org offers you a bunch of photos of ‘Melrose Place’ cast attending the CW Upfront 2009. More photos coming soon

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January Jones + Oceana = AWESOME

Before posting anything else, I’d like to personally thank Oceana for allowing January Jones Fan to post their non-profit ads. After speaking to a rep from them, they’ve agreed to let January Jones Fan use their official non-profit advertisements! Next up, today Oceana added 3 awesome videos to their site. We have caps from all 3 videos in the image gallery and the three videos in the video archive

I’ve also got some more exclusive goodies coming up for you at January Jones Fan, including scans and never before seen caps and video, plus some really fun news! As always, January Jones Fan is your BEST online fan resource for January Jones with the MOST exclusive content!

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Zachary Quinto out and about in LA

Zachary was spotted out and about in Los Angeles this afternoon. Zach dressed in jeans, a t-shirt with zebras and his trademark fedora as he ran some errands before heading to a lunch meeting in West Hollywood.

– Candids: Out and About in LA – May 29, 2009


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Blazin Squad Fan – Gallery opening!


Blazin Squad Fan very own image archive is officially launched!

I’ve already added a few 100+ albums, but will keep on working during weekend to make it the largest gallery on the world wide web. So stay tuned for more.

Or visit Blazin Squad Fan – Affiliates are very much welcome!

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Adam At The Cystic Fibrosis Trust Breathing Life Awards

Adam attennded the Cystic Fibrosis Trust Breathing Life Awards and I have added images.

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Rachelle Lefevre: new shoot

Rachelle Lefevre did a new amazing shoot. Take a look at Rachelle Lefevre Fan

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Version 3 of Jessica Lowndes Daily

Hello and welcome back to Jessica Lowndes Daily, as you can see there’s a new layout up for you guys to enjoy. The pictures are from her newest shoot and I really hope that you like it. Please leave your comments.

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“Definitely, Maybe” DVD Captures Update

First of all a huge thank you to the lovely Chelsa who donated all captures she made of her “Definitely, Maybe” DVD and donated them to the site. Thank you so so much! We now have all movie and feature captures up in the gallery and I hope you will enjoy them.

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“Definitely, Maybe” Movie Captures (735)
“Definitely, Maybe” Deleted Scenes (7)
“Definitely, Maybe” DVD Feature: Creating a Romance (74)
“Definitely, Maybe” DVD Feature: Changing Times of Definitely, Maybe (12)

Fore more please visit Amazing Rachel Weisz – Your Source 24/7

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Chris Pine to present at the MTV Movie Awards

Along with several other celebrities, Star Trek actor Chris Pine was added to the ever growing list of presenters to appear on the MTV Movie Awards show. Here’s what MTV had to say:

With just days to go until the stargazing spectacle of the 2009 MTV Movie Awards, we’re rolling out yet another collection of Hollywood presenters, including the man who played James T. Kirk in the brand-new “Star Trek” and the comic genius behind “Borat” and the upcoming “Brüno.”

That’s right. Chris Pine and Sacha Baron Cohen, appearing in character as Brüno, will appear at the Movie Awards on Sunday at 9 p.m. ET. Joining them will be new presenters Kiefer Sutherland, LeAnn Rimes , Ed Helms, Anna Faris, Justin Bartha and Triumph the Insult Comic Dog.

Read more and stay up to date on Chris news and media at Chris Pine Fan and @ChrisPineFancom!

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Luna Lovegood ‘Half Blood Prince’ Merchandise

Taken straight from our latest update:

Hot Topic have released some brand new shirts featuring characters from the upcoming Potter movie, Half Blood Prince. A crowd favourite, Luna Lovegood, gets her own funky shirt, complete with awesome picture and design! You can view the t-shirt design here in our growing galleries, or click the preview below. The shirt can be ordered off the Hot Topic website here, in sizes from small to extra large. Hot Topic also released shirts featuring Draco Malfoy and Albus Dumbledore.

The offbeat Luna Lovegood appears on this black fitted tee wearing crazy 3D specs. Her name is printed in colorful letters on the side. source

All of this news brought to you by the growing Evanna empire that is EvannaFan.com!

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Zach Quinto is a milky man

Zachary Quinto did a to-die-for photoshoot to Tyler Shields for his new book “The Dark Side of Glamour”

Also, here’s a videoshoot done also by Tyler Shields, with Zachary in a milky dream. 😀

Watch video

To more updates on Zachary Quinto, be sure to check Zach-Quinto.com

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David Boreanaz Pictures

As you know, a couple of days ago I updated with over a thousand Emily Deschanel pictures. Well, today, it was David Boreanaz’s turn! I have added over one thousand pictures from events that took place from 1997-2009. Like before, you can see a preview below, but visit the gallery at Bones Daily to see all of them!

Do keep checking back, as I have the other cast members to add, as well as lots of site content :)

David Boreanaz Events:  1997-2009

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Winona Ryder on Elle UK

Elle UK - July 09

Winona Ryder talks breakdowns and break-ups with ELLE.

‘Everybody has a disorder of some sort!’ Declares Winona Ryder, the Oscar nominated star who herself admits to having had an ‘extra-large breakdown’ just after completing Dracula and Edward Scissorhands when she was just 20.

‘I had just had my first real break-up, the first heartbreak. Everybody else just thought I had everything in the world but inside I was completely lost’ reveals the actress, now 37, to Rebecca Miller, the writer and Director Winona’s latest film, The Private Lives of Pippa Lee (She’s also daughter of playwright Arthur Miller).

‘I remember feeling I can’t complain about anything because I’m so lucky’ she tells Miller, who interviews her in the June issue of ELLE, which hits news stands today.

‘I can’t pretend to know Winona well.’ admits Miller, ‘I don’t. I don’t think it’s easy to get to know her – but it’s easy to love her.’

Winona-Ryder.org, your best source on everything Winona Ryder, has scans of the magazine. Just check:

To view the full scans, go to Winona-Ryder.org

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Maggie on the set of “Nanny McPhee and the Big Bang”

The filming for Maggie’s new movie project Nanny McPhee and the Big Bang has started and I have added the first on set candids to the gallery. Enjoy!

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Jessica Lowndes New Photoshoot

I have just found this amazing new photoshoot of Jessica. She looks fab! I’m so sorry for not adding bigger versions but this size is all i have for now. But, I will work my but off trying to find these ones in better quality. If anyone would like te help me just give me an email at: jessicalowndesdaily[at]gmail.com and credit will be given. Visit Jessica Lowndes Daily for more.

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