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Gallery Updates

I’ve updated the gallery of RachelMcAdamsFan.net with hot new photos of Rachel!

Magazine Scans > 2009 > Marie Claire [May] (x06)
Photoshoots > Mark Abrahams (Book Club) (x04)
Photoshoots > Mark Abrahams (Behind The Scenes) (x03)
Photoshoots > Mark Abrahams (Marie Claire) (x04)

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Anna Faris at “Observe and Report” Premiere

Anna Faris was in attendance at the Los Angeles premiere for her latest film, “Observe and Report”, on Monday night. She looked amazing in a black dress with three cutouts in the front… At Anna Faris Fan, I have uploaded 340 photos from the premiere – including almost 50 HQ images!

Head on over to Anna Faris Fan to view all these images and more than 13,000 more of Anna!

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Rachel Weisz on CBS “Early Show”

Thanks so much to Green again for donating The CBS “Early Show” interview clip Rachel did in 2006. I also added over 200 captures of the interview to the gallery which is btw. mostly up again but I will write more about it soon because I want to mention the people helping me getting the site back up. Rachel talks about her feelings during The Oscars 2006, being a working mum and her movie “The Fountain” from 2006. Enjoy! More at Amazing Rachel Weisz.

Video Link:
CBS News – “The Early Show – Rachel´s Golden Year” Interview

Gallery Link:
CBS News – “The Early Show – Rachel´s Golden Year” Captures (218)

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Adrian Grenier Photoshoots

If you often visit Adrian Grenier Online gallery, you may notice that it’s getting bigger and bigger every day. We are close to 6000 photos now. The best way to see new additions is to visit the gallery every day. Today we have added some older photoshoots of Adrian. Click the thumb to proceed to the corresponding photoshoot.

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Diane Lane in Under The Tuscan Sun

I’ve added movie captures, DVD special features captures, Movie stills, posters and on set pic of Under The Tuscan Sun in the gallery at Diane-lane.net.

Gallery Link – Under the Tuscan Sun > Movie Posters
Gallery Link – Under the Tuscan Sun > On the set
Gallery Link – Under the Tuscan Sun > Movie Stills
Gallery Link – Under the Tuscan Sun > DVD Bonus Features – Tuscany 101
Gallery Link – Under the Tuscan Sun > DVD bonus features – deleted scene – Clapper Montage
Gallery Link – Under the Tuscan Sun > DVD bonus features – deleted scene – Discovering the Fresco
Gallery Link – Under the Tuscan Sun > DVD bonus features – deleted scene – The singing Contractor
Gallery Link – Under the Tuscan Sun > DVD sneak Peak
Gallery Link – Under the Tuscan Sun > movie captures

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1×04 – LAWKI – Captures

Captures from episode 1×04 – Partly Cloudy, With A Chance of Sex of Life As We Know It are in the gallery! More to come soon, been pretty busy with school :p

Gallery Link
1×04 – Partly Cloudy, With A Chance of Sex

Jessica-Lucas.Net || Your first and only source!

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New gallery layout at thomas-dekker.com

Very short update today, I’m very tired but I wanted to say that there’s a new gallery layout up. I’m not completely happy with it and the colors will probably get changed, but I like the header over all.

I plan on doing a gallery update in the next couple days so stay tuned.

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New Gallery Layout at Lauren-Cohan.net!

Still no luck in the search for the amazing disappearing season 3 dvd. I’m still looking though, I’m tearing my room apart :) New gallery layout . I’m not entirely pleased with it, but for now? It will have to do.


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Tons of Videos @All Stars Online Media

We uploaded tons of videos mostly trailers and videos clips @All Stars Online Media.

Here are a few you might find interesting:

Matt Dallas – The Dirty Side Of Glamour
Ghosts Of Girlfriends Past
Katy Perry – Thinking Of You (Long Version)

Please leave your comments and don’t forget to cast your vote on our recent poll ! :)

PS: Sorry for not doing the ‘direct linking’ thing for the videos, but I don’t seem to be able to make it work…

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New Scans @All Stars Online

New scans are available @All Stars Online.

Scans of Justin Timberlake, Camilla Belle, Hugh Dancy, Marion Cotillard, Danielle Panabaker, Katy Perry, Anne Hathaway, Kevin Zegers, Michelle Williams, Channing Tatum …

Here are some of them:

Go and check out the rest of the scans in our gallery:
All Stars Online Gallery

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gotham magzine celebrates cover girl america ferrera.

Last night, Becki attended the Gotham Magazine celebrates cover girl America Ferrera with fellow co stars. She looked lovely in her 3.1 Philip Lim dress, she never disappoints us now does she? Well enjoy the photos!

23 mq gotham magazine celebrates cover girl america ferrera

Becki Newton Web

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Marie Clair scans

As you all propably know Mandy is on the cover of Marie Clair! She looks stunning as always. You can see the scans in the gallery, enjoy!

Gallery Links > Magazine Scans > Marie Claire – April 2009

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Blake and Penn Fly Coach

Their hit show “Gossip Girl” has wrapped for the season, Blake Lively and Penn Badgley were spotted arriving at LAX International Airport to catch a departing flight.

The CW cuties looked a bit camera-shy as they made their way past the paparazzi, preparing to board an international plane to Thailand.

And though these two are a couple of the hottest rising stars in Hollywood, both Blake and Penn were seen checking in at the Premium Economy (coach) counter, rather than First Class.

Out and About > 2009 > 05.04.09 Blake Lively and Penn Badgley departing LAX airport

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New Jaime King Photo Shoot!

I found a new photo shoot of Jaime! I think she looks absolutely gorgeous in the photos!


More at Jaime King Fan!

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Samantha Janus Photoshoots

Added 97 photoshoot pics  at Samantha Janus Fan

Gallery Link – Photoshoot Sesions

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