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Definitely, Maybe galore!

Captures, deleted scenes, and more! Enjoy!!

DVD Screencaptures
DVD Menus
Deleted Scenes
Creating A Romance: The Making of
Changing times of Definitely, Maybe

Also, FYI … within the next week or so I’ll be working on a new layout. Something very refreshing! 😉

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Hugh @ Monster Vs Alien Premiere & Episode Stills

I’ve upload pictures of Hugh at the Los Angeles Monster vs Alien Premiere plus episode stills from Locked In & Simple Explanation. I’m probably going to do another gallery update later tonight but I’m trying to catch up.

Album Links:
Actors/Actresses > Hugh Laurie > 2009 Events > “Monsters vs. Aliens” Los Angeles Premiere
House > Season Five > Episodes Stills & Promotional Pictures > 5.19: Locked In
House > Season Five > Episodes Stills & Promotional Pictures > 5.20: Simple Explanation

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Updates @ JSN

My beyond amazing co-web Carol and I have been updating the gallery of Jessica Szohr Network a lot these past few days.  I bought 2 magazines that feature Jessica (though only one is curently uploaded) – Young Hollywood Magazine… the issue talked about Slimeball and Sweetheart boyfriends, Gossip Girl’s Ed Westwick was considered So Hot! which was right below Sweetheart.  The mag also talked about Jessica’s adorable shih tzu puppy Watson, who she had relocated to NYC to be with her and dylanscandybar.com – they sell a variety of candy and make arrangements to be sent.

Ms. Carol also added a slew of candids. Ed & Jessica arrived in Miami this weekend for the Ocean Drive Magazine Cover Party that features the stunning Ms. Szohr… I didn’t have time on Friday to scan it but I will on Monday!  I’ve added some previews.

Gallery Links:
-Magazine Scans in 2009 > Young Hollywood Magazine
-Candids in 2009 > 03.20.09: Enjoying illy issimo on the way to the Gossip Girl set in NYC
-Candids in 2009 > 03.21.09: Ed and Jess having fun in the sun in Miami Beach, FL
-Appearances in 2009 > 03-22-09: Ocean Drive Magazine Cover Party at Sunset Lounge

So stop by today and visit Jessica Szohr Network!

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Emily Blunt in Irresistible

DVD Screen captures of Emily Blunt in Irresistible have been added to the gallery @ Emily Blunt Fans! Emily was fantastic in this role, for those who haven’t seen the movie I will post some video clips very soon, so keep checking back. Gideon’s Daughter is also coming up!

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SPO Photo update!

Sally made two appearances earlier this year! We have them in our gallery-check it out! Also, I updated this album!

THINK PR’s 3rd Annual Pre-Sundance Lounge Day 1
HBO Luxury Lounge In Honor Of The 66th Annual GGA’s – Day 1
InStyle 4th Annual Style Suites for the Golden Globes – Day 2

** NEW LAYOUT coming very soon!! ** 😀

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ALESHA DIXON leaving Nobu Berkeley restaurant- London, England – 15.03.09

I’ve added 12 photos of Alesha leaving Nobu Berkeley restaurant in London on March 15.check them out.She is so cute!

Home > Candids > Candids 2009 > leaving Nobu Berkeley restaurant- London, England – 15.03.09

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New Navi Rawat Photos!

Navi was out at the College Television Awards last night, and we’ve added te photos to the gallery at Navi Rawat.com

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SJA; Comic Relief

I have finally uploaded a clip from the Comic Relief clip of the special for The Sarah Jane Adventures and screencaps!

You can view the video at http://anjli-mohindra.com

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Ghost Whisperer stills

A few stills on the set of Ghost Whisperer 4.19 – Thrilled to Death have been added to gallery. Hilary looks amazing! I can’t wait to see this!

Gallery Link > Television Shows > Ghost Whisperer > 4.19 – Thrilled to Death

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Brittany Murphy Forum – back online

After almost 5 months of being offline, the Brittany Murphy Forum is now back and has a new look to celebrate! I had to take it offline for so long due to spam issues. I have now figured out a solution and I am so glad its back!

Go on over to brittanymurphyforum.com and join up – then start posting!

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New Look at the Christina Ricci Fan Forums

The Christina Ricci Fan Forums, which is a part of Confessions of Christina Ricci, has a brand new layout. Head on over to check it out and don’t forget to join up and start posting!

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Jackson Rathbone in Twilight

Screencaptures of Jackson in Twilight and its special features has been added to the Jackson Rathbone Online gallery. Check them out today!

Twilight Screencaptures
DVD Menus
Deleted Scene: Edward, She’s Not One Of Us!
From Page To Screen – The Partnership: A Look At Pre-Production
From Page To Screen – The Vampires
From Page To Screen – Capturing The Action: A Look At Production
From Page To Screen – Vampire Baseball
From Page To Screen – The Final Word On The Final Battle
From Page To Screen – Putting It All Together: The Magic Of Post Production

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Zach-Quinto.net opens its doors

My friend and co-webmistress of XFilesMedia.com, Mata, has just opened a fansite dedicated to Zachary Quinto. Even though the site is still in construction, we’d like to invite you all to visit it and keep on visiting!

Zach-Quinto.net >> A Zachary Quinto Fansite

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leighton meester and blake lively…

I’m so sorry everyone for the unexpected hiatus. I was so distracted I didn’t have time to come onto the computer until the other day, which was when I started to gather all the new photos. Which was surprisingly alot 😀 Anyways, enjoy the photos added!

on set march 18, 2009 ; 31 hq

HQ x 018 march 17, 2009
HQ x 245 + MQ x 73 march 16, 2009
HQ x 017 march 13, 2009
HQ x 024 march 12, 2009
HQ x 009 march 10, 2009
HQ x 017 march 09, 2009
MQ x 008 TR rolling stone photoshoot
HQ x 008 rolling stone scans (april 2009)
HQ x 007 marie claire uk scans (march 2009)
HQ x 030 american school of ballet winter ball gala
HQ x 068 leighton launches top downs
HQ x 016 mbfw : ralph lauren fall 2009
HQ x 026 mbfw : proenza
HQ x 003 219 the grandfather stills
MQ x 002 reebok top downs photoshoots (?)
MQ x 004 w magazine photoshoot
MQ x 005 tesh photoshoot
MQ x 007 matt jones

Meester & Lively

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Eliza Dushku: Boston Common & Saturday Night Mag

Along with the first additions to the fledgling press archive, I’ve added a stunning 7 MQ photo shoot of Eliza Dushku from the April 2009 issue of Saturday Night Magazine over at Eliza Dushku Media :

Eliza Dushku Media + ElizaMedia.orgEliza Dushku Media + ElizaMedia.orgEliza Dushku Media + ElizaMedia.orgEliza Dushku Media + ElizaMedia.org

How did Dollhouse come about? I read that you and Joss Whedon came up with the idea over lunch. Is that really what happened?

It is. Joss and I have been buddies since back in the Buffy days, and I was 17. He quickly became a big brother, mentor and ally and we’ve stayed friends over the years. When I was trying to figure out what to do next in my career and what projects I wanted to do I met with Fox and they expressed interest in developing a show together so we worked out a year-long film and television development deal. I called Joss about a week later and asked him to go to lunch and somewhere in the four-hour lunch we came up with the idea for the show.


And 4 from the Spring 2009 issue of Boston Common:

Eliza Dushku Media + ElizaMedia.orgEliza Dushku Media + ElizaMedia.orgEliza Dushku Media + ElizaMedia.orgEliza Dushku Media + ElizaMedia.org

What does it mean to you to be from Boston?

I’ve been out in LA for 10 years, but I’m still a Boston girl at heart. I really think I’d like to end up there one day. Every time I come home and drive through the toll on the Mass Pike I get shout-outs.


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