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Thanks to the lovely Gertie, meester & lively is now on a domain name!

To visit the site please use this address, http://meester-lively.net

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I have added screencaps from Peter’s project Damages its a pity they killed his character off.

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Edward Bella Cullen Media Valut is open

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Rachelfan.net: State Of Play Poster

Finally, we can take a first look at the State Of Play poster – starring Rachel McAdams, Russell Crowe, Helen Mirren and Benn Affleck.

Courtesy of Universal, here’s an exclusive first glimpse of the State Of Play poster, soon to be adorning a bus stop near you. Thanks to empire.com!

I’m really looking forward to this movie! You can watch the trailer in our media center.

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New Empire magazine outtakes – Twilight

+1 photoshoot of Taylor Lautner
+1 photoshoot of Rachelle Lefevre
+ new photos of Robert Pattinson (and the Twilight cast)

at unlimited-photos.com

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New SMG Candids

New Candids Added To The Galley!

thumb_001 thumb_0031 thumb_0051 thumb_0062

Sarah was seen this Tuesday the 27th, leaving The Actors Guild in LA.

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New Fergie photos added!

I added almost 50 new HQ photos of Fergie to the Stacy Ferguson Gallery.


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New Carters Photos!

I added some new photos of Nick Carter, Angel Carter and Aaron Carter to the House of Carters Gallery so, you can go there to take a look.


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New Josh Duhamel Photos!

I added some new photos of Josh Duhamel, most of them HQ, to the Josh Duhamel Web Gallery.


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New Sharon Stone Photos added!

I added some new photos of Sharon Stone to the Totally Sharon Gallery.


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More new Backstreet Boys photos added!

I added more new photos of AJ McLean and Nick Carter to the Incomplete Men Gallery. Also, I added a new video too.


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Evangeline Lilly and Lost Photos/Clips

Preview for the next episode of LOST:

5×03: Jughead screen captures:


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destinydreamer graphics!

Hey guys, welcome to one of the Fan Sites Network’s newest websites, destinydreamer graphics, a design site! I have HQ Designs for affordable prices, and I donate part of the profit to St. Jude’s!

destinydreamer graphics

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The Last Flight to Kuwait

I finally found an online video so I screencapped Freddie’s scenes.



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Miley Cyrus Source – New Layout


Hey people, I just updated the site with a brand new layout! It has a different style from the old ones but I really hope you like it. I named this version “Start All Over” like Miley’s song cause this is a new start to me as site if getting back a lot of traffic and you, Miley fans, appreciate the work I do to bring you first the latest news and pics. I’m really glad with this :P

The Boards are not ready yet but if you are interested in being a mob you can also start registering and e-mail me about it.

Also here are some new Miley candids: Shopping in Glendale – January 27th


Miley Cyrus Source | Miley Channel | The Biggest Miley Source in the Web!

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