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Miley at a recording studio

I added more Miley candids. Remember this jacket? Well she looks really beautiful in it (she looks awesome in everything)


Well here are the pics: At a recording studio in the morning – January 17th


Miley Cyrus Source | Miley Channel | The Biggest Miley Source in the Web!

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New Taylor Momsen shoot + New Article!

I just added a new Taylor shoot, Also… below the thumbnails, you guys can read a new and interesting one article for Page Six magazine.

Photoshoots > #020 set

New York’s Party Princess: Taylor Momsen

Gossip Girl star Taylor Momsen has earned a reputation as a sophisticated It girl-about-town, rubbing elbows with power players and finding her way into the gossip columns (Did she make out with her co-star? Was she hospitalized for “exhaustion”?). But there’s just one thing: She’s only 15. Rachel Syme catches up with NYC’s biggest little lady.


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New Gallery Layout At Selena Daily

Brand New Gallery Layout

I put up a new gallery layout by Karisma, it looks stunning. I am trying to get the ad code to be the same color i dont know how.

Gallery News::
I added some candids to the gallery of Selena Shopping in the Sherman Oaks, and Selena Out In The Pacific Palisades, thanks to Selena Web.

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R-Weisz.Net Gallery Additions

I added some more pictures to the gallery of R-Weisz.Net, mostly old photoshoots of Rachel Weisz. Hope you enjoy them! More to come

Gallery Links:
Session #072 (13) *updated
Session #105 (14)
Session #104 (2)
Session #041 (4) *updated
Session #044 (6) *updated
Session #092 (3) *updated
Misc Photoshoots (2)

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Hannah Montana: The Movie Stills and Miley Candids

New cool Miley photos are added at Miley Cyrus Source Gallery. The first Hannah Montana: The Movie Stills are here for you:


also there are some cool candids with miley wearing ripped leggings gets pedicure buys orchids in Hollywood


Miley Cyrus Source | Miley Channel | The Biggest Miley Source in the Web!

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Jonathan Bennett Source’s Online…

The newest and the only one fansite Jonathan Bennett Source’s opened.  So please guys check my new site out..


Jonathan Bennett Source

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Kate Winslet @ Revolutionary Road UK Premiere

Pics added at KateWinsletFan.org

Gallery Link – 2009 Appearances – Revolutionary Road London Premiere – Arrivals – 18th January

Gallery Link – 2009 Appearances – Revolutionary Road London Premiere – Cocktail Reception – 18th January

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Eva Green as a child

Today I bring you another raritie from Eva’s childhood, and old issue of Paris Match with her mother Marlène Jobert on the cover. Jobert, who was supposed to promote a film, couldn’t stop talking about her twins Joy and Eva. In fact, the proud mother said that she didn’t call the girls “twins” but “kittens” or other sweet names instead, because she wanted them to be different from each other, and have their own personality since the beginning. Apparently Joy isn’t actually Joy’s first name. We weren’t sure about it, but another old issue of Paris Match did call her Johanne. This week calls her Jo-Ann but tells us that Marlène calls her Joy instead of Jo-Ann. Jobert confirms that Joy is her middle name, and that at first they weren’t sure if they should call her Joy because they weren’t sure that Joy Green would be phonetically pretty but that they changed their mind with time. She also said that she thought of Joy and Eva Green because they both have the same numbers of letters and that they’d take the same amount of time to write their names at school. The actress also said that her babies were very different from each other even at 6 months old! Joy was more independent, she could play for hours in her craddle, all by herself. But Eva loved to be with her parents. But they both had one thing in common: they were little girls who hardly ever cried, who didn’t give any trouble to sleep, and woke up with a smile on their faces!

  • Paris Match (France) – February 6, 1981

  • Paris Match (France) – October 5, 1984

    EvaGreenWeb.com – Your #1 resource for all things Eva Green

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    Ewan McGregor @ Sundance Film Festival

    Ewan is currently in Park City for the Sundance Film Festival so expect many HQ piccies tonight and the next few days! ;)

    2x 2009 Park City – Village at The Yard – Day 3 – January 18, 2009
    24x Ray Ban Visionary Awards Gala For 2009 Honoree Ewan McGregor
    3x DirecTV & The Sundance Channel’s 2009 Sundance Party
    10x “I Love You Phillip Morris” – 2009 Sundance Premiere
    9x “I Love You Phillip Morris” – 2009 Sundance Party

    Also, please be sure to visit my friend Luciana’s excellent fansite dedicated to Brazilian actor Rodrigo Santoro, one of Ewan’s co-stars in “I Love You Phillip Morris”. ;)


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    New Moon Online is live!

    My vision has become a reality.  The reason this site exists is because New Moon deserves the spot light.  I love my site intoxicatingscent and it is the momma to all my sites.  But New Moon needed its own site because New Moon in my opinion is the best book out of the Twilight Saga.  So this is a type of mini site dedication it will share the gallery and video archive with Intoxicatingscent.com for that reason.

    Content wise we are doing pretty well I have added the new moon book page and its complete with chapter summaries and everything, all the other pages will be live tomorrow I am working out the kinks.

    I will also have a new moon quotes database that you will be able to submit to.


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    Chris Martin accepting award at NRJ Awards in French

    Finally a video of Chris accepting the NRJ Award last night has surfaced on YouTube! It’s actually really cute when he speaks French.

    Watch the video and the translation at ColdplayFan.org!

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    New stills of Kristen from Fanboys movie

    Here are some new stills of Kristen from Fanboys movie.

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    RobPattinson.co.uk Re-Opens Tomorrow!

    Please keep a look out for our grand re-opening tomorrow. I have not decided when it will be… We are currently accepting all affiliate types and selective partner sites at the moment. Please reply to this message if you would like me to add you, or if you wish to speak with me. I will be online pretty much 24 hours cramming things in, so please don’t hesitate to message me.



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    Leighton Meester in Inside

    preview Preview Preview

    [002] DVD Menus || [895] Screencaps

    << Leighton Meester Fan >> Your Best Source for Leighton Meester!

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    New Icon Center At Selena Daily

    Visit The Icon Center

    We have a new network the icon center, its amazing, also designed by , Logan Liston, our new coweb at Selena Daily.

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