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New unseen Sophia Bush photoshoot

Ultimate Sophia is the first fansite for Sophia Bush to bring you this photo.

Gallery Link – Photoshoots – #017

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This Christmas Captures!

Over 1300 high quality captures of Sharon in the hit film This Christmas have been added into our gallery, including deleted scenes and DVD Menu!

This Christmas – DVD Captures
This Christmas – DVD Menu
This Christmas – Deleted Scenes

Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas! Enjoy!

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I have added images from 9th July 2004 a theatre production Elliott did which was called Mercy which took place at the Soho Theatre.


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Shockyourmind.net apart of FS network

I am proud to announce that Shockyourmind.net > Your source for Lindsay Lohan is now hosted by the amazing Gertie. Make sure to pay us a visit clicking the image below!

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Criminal Minds – 3×11 Birthright captures + Love Sick TV dates!

I have added over 100 captures of Sally’s guest-appearance on Criminal Minds! Enjoy! Video clips will be posted later today (if time permits)!

Criminal Minds – 3×11 – Birthright

And just a reminder, Lifetime will be airing Sally’s feature film Love Sick: Secrets of A Sex Addict both Sat. Dec. 27 @ 9PM and Sun. Dec. 28 @ 12AM!

That’s all for now! MERRY CHRISTMAS!!

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Gillian Anderson in the Sydney Morning Herald


– Magazine Scans: Good Weekend – The Sydney Morning Herald – July 19, 2008

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Miley Photoshoots

I know that many of you out there love photoshoots and I’m really sorry I didn’t put them first… Here are some cool Miley photoshoots, including some exclusive untagged ones! So enjoy them at Miley Cyrus Source Gallery



Photoshoots – Photoshoot 001 [x01]
Photoshoots – Photoshoot 002 [Anthony Cutajar 2006] [x05]
Photoshoots – Photoshoot 003 [Clark Samuels 2006] [x17]
Photoshoots – Photoshoot 004 [Keith Munyan tagged] [x02]
Photoshoots – Photoshoot 005 [Keith Munyan tagged] [x04]
Photoshoots – Photoshoot 006 [Keith Munyan tagged] [x03]
Photoshoots – Photoshoot 007 [Keith Munyan] [x11]
Photoshoots – Photoshoot 008 [Keith Munyan] [x03]
Photoshoots – Photoshoot 009 [Keith Munyan] [x01]
Photoshoots – Photoshoot 010 [Keith Munyan] [x04]
Photoshoots – Photoshoot 011 [Keith Munyan] [x03]
Photoshoots – Photoshoot 012 [Keith Munyan] [x04]
Photoshoots – Photoshoot 013 [Keith Munyan] [x09]
Photoshoots – Photoshoot 014 [Keith Munyan] [x10]
Photoshoots – Photoshoot 015 [Keith Munyan] [x05]
Photoshoots – Photoshoot 016 [Keith Munyan] [x03]
Photoshoots – Photoshoot 017 [Vanity Fair 2008] [x02]

Miley Cyrus Source | The Biggest Miley Source in the Web!

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State Of Play Trailer

The trailer of State of Play – starring Rachel Mcadams, Russell Crowe, Helen Mirren and Ben Affleck – is online and it looks amazing. I can’t wait to see it. Rachel looks amazing!

Watch the Trailer

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New ‘Bride Wars’ pictures

Just added new ‘Bride Wars’ promotional shoot (exclusive) picture and new stills. I also want to wish you all a Happy Christmas with your relatives and people you love more :D! Have a great holidays!

Gallery Links:
– Films > ‘Bride Wars’ > Promotional shoot [HQ]
– Films > ‘Bride Wars’ > Stills [HQ]

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Jessica Stroup in Pray For Morning

Preview Preview Preview Preview Preview Preview Preview Preview
[003] DVD Menus || [914] Screencaps

<< Jessica Stroup Fan >> Your Jessica Source!

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Selena Gomez!

PHOTO UPDATES AT iheartselena.com! Please take a look at the site + gallery, thanks!

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November Candids

I updated Miley Cyrus Source Gallery with some sets of November Candids to the Gallery. Hope you like them… Miley is cute as always!


Candids 2008 – New Yorg City Outside Howard Stern Radio Show Studios – November 13rd
Candids 2008 – Tenessee, Nashville – November 13rd
Candids 2008 – New York City Outside Jay Leno Show Studios – November 14th
Candids 2008 – Los Angeles, The Grove – November 15th
Candids 2008 – Toluca Lake – November 20th
Candids 2008 – New York City, Serendipity 3 – November 28th

Miley Cyrus Source | The Biggest Miley Source in the Web!

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New layout at Anne Hathaway Network!

Hey guys! I’m pretty glad to tell you all we have finally set a new layout! I hope you like it. It was all made by my friend Ryvos. I love it! Also, let you know now we are known by Anne Hathaway Network too :).

Leaving a comment would be great to know your opinion! :)
If you find any mistake or anything looks wrong somewhere, please, let us now as soon as possible. Thank you!

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Alyson Hannigan | Late Night with Conan O’Brien (May 13, 08)



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‘Friday the 13th’ New Movie Stills!

I added some new movie stills of Jared Padalecki to the Jared Padalecki Gallery.


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