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Iheartdemi.COM OPENED!

The best demi lovato fansite on the web! Don’t be fooled, this fansite was actually supposed to open before june earlier this year but due to domain changes, delays, and the list goes on, it’s opening in december! I’m saying this so you know we have just as much content as the demi fansites already online…so VISIT NOW =].

i heart demi

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Britannia High Finale

I have added screencaps and clips from the final episode of Britannia High, its sad to see it over. The screencaps aren’t that good due to all the dancing sad

I really don’t like her dress for Growing Pains.

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Sally Pressman on “Shark”

When Sally first began she started as a guest star in the show “Shark” and was in the pilot episode back in 2006. I have added captures and a video clip! Enjoy!

Shark – 1×01 – Pilot – Captures
Shark – 1×01 – Pilot – Video

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Oak FM

Listen to Freddie interview here; its right at the bottom.

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Asia Argento’s new film: “Diamant 13″

Thanks to the always helpful Audrey for letting us know that the first French trailer for “Diamant 13″ is now available for viewing on Allociné.fr. I had previously posted about the teaser trailer. I’ve added screencaps from the trailer and a couple of new stills. It seems like Asia was dubbed which is a pity. “Diamant 13″ premieres on January 21, 2009 in French cinemas.

New Stills:

French Trailer #1:

This time around, unlike what happened in the French teaser trailer, Ms Argento isn’t in just one single “blink and you’ll miss it” kind of scene. And we certainly appreciate it! Fun fact: look for a pic from this specific editorial in the scene where Aïssa Maïga’s character is looking at a photo of Calhoune on the wall.

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Gillian Anderson does Maxim

Whoever said that 40 year old women can’t be hot and sexy as 20 year old girls is either blind or nuts. Women such as Jennifer Aniston and Gillian Anderson are proving that this theory is a fallacy! More power to these ladies and to women of all ages! And an advice to all of you out there, learn to love yourselves and don’t let the beauty standards put you down! Women come in all shapes, colors, backgrounds, and there’s beauty everywhere!


– Magazine Scans: Maxim – May 2008

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Alyson Hannigan Fan | Scans


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Nicole-Daily.com is back! With a new layout ans a new owner! Check it out and leave your opinion.

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Cavallari-Fan.Com | Caps


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[E-W.org exclusive!] “Afterlife” captures!

So how happy was I when I found the video! This episode was oh so good, and hearing Ed in his brit accent was amazing! Lol. Had me saying “OMG” quite a few times! So I have added over 300 captures to the gallery and I’ll have some clips for you soon! This is just another E-W.org exclusive! ;)

2×01 – Roadside Bouquets

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New Gallery Layout & ‘GG’ Screencaptures @ BLS

As some of you might have seen I put up a new layout at the gallery yesterday over at Blake Lively Source, what do you think about it? I think it looks pretty good, simple and classy. Blue, white and grey. The header images are from the Cleo shoot, Blake looks so amazing in that shoot, take a look here.

I have also added screencaptures from the two latest Gossip Girl episodes, 2.12 and 2.13. Totally 820 pictures have been added to the gallery. Here are some previews, enjoy!

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Rachel and Darren Aronofsky hold off on Wedding

British actress RACHEL WEISZ is preparing for a long engagement to director DARREN ARONOFSKY – because he insists they are “waiting for something special” before they tie the knot. Weisz, 38, and Aronofsky, 39, have been engaged since 2005 and share a two-year-old son, Henry.

But The Wrestler director Aronofsky has no plans to rush down the aisle – three years after he first popped the question. Aronofsky tells U.S. magazine OK!, “We’re waiting for something special to come along. One day it will happen – hopefully.”

Source: Contact Music

Edit: The gallery has been updated with new pictures including movie stills, candids and captures from CBS The Early Show 2006. The links have been added below.

Gallery Links:
The CBS Early Show on “The Fountain” (21/11/06) (13)
Having Luch in New York (26/08/05) (12)
Getting into a Taxi NYC (07/12/06) (2)
Out & About in SoHo (12/06/06) (4)
Esquire Society Benefit, New York (14/11/05) (2)
“The Land Girls” Movie Stills (1)
Rachel at Cambridge University 1990 (3)
“Constantine” Movie Stills (4)

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Robert Pattinson photoshoots

+16 photoshoots of Robert Pattinson at unlimited-photos.com

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Miley Cyrus Leaving in a Private Jet

New Miley Cyrus Source Gallery is updated with some great new candids with Miley:

Leaving in a private jet on vacation from LA – December 20th


Miley Cyrus Source | The Biggest Miley Source in the Web!

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Merry Christmas!!!

Here’s a very very lovely picture of Ms Argento with her children, Anna Lou Castoldi and Nicola Giovanni Civetta, to spread the holiday cheer!

And, to you, dear Ode to Azia visitors and Fan Sites Network hostees: May this Christmas (or whatever you celebrate or don’t celebrate) be bright and cheerful and may the New Year begin on a prosperous note!

Ode to Azia – Asia Argento Official Fan Website

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