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Happy Bday to AJ McLean!

Today is AJ McLean’s bday and I just wanted to wish a happy day to him.

If you want to see tons of photos, videos or whatever about AJ, just go to Incomplete Men to take a look. We have a subsite and gallery just for AJ.

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Miranda-Cosgrove.us: Now Open!

Check out the relaunch of MirandaWeb, the premier Miranda Cosgrove source! Please let me know what you think by leaving a comment over there, thank you!

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Blog + Lyrics Archive + New Layout

Hey guys, Hannah from Always Jordan Pruitt. I’ve got several updates from the site for you.

You can now Demand Jordan Pruitt in your city. Click here to go to Jordan’s myspace, and view her last blog entry.

There’s a new layout at Always Jordan and Always Jordan Lyrics Archive! You can view them below. Just click the images to be taken to their sites.

Always Jordan Pruitt Always Jordan Pruitt Lyrics Archive

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Updating XFilesMedia.com

Happy New Year! :D

– Photoshoots: 2008 – “I Want To Believe” Portraits (July 19, 2008)
– Events: “How To Lose Friends And Alienate People” – UK Premiere – September 24, 2008
– Magazine Scans: FHM – 100 Sexiest Women in the World, 1996
– Magazine Scans: USA Weekend – July 18-20, 2008
– Magazine Scans: Play – Sydney Herald Sun (Australia) – July 27, 2008
– Events: X-Files Photocall (Vancouver) – December 1998

Another year, new photos, new magazines, new newspapers, new events, new candids. And we need you to help us to be aware of all that’s new and going on in the X-Files, David and Gillian world! We both try to do our best here to keep you informed and provide new photos from events and candids, as well as new and old scans. But some things may eventually escape us. So, please leave a comment if you know of anything new or contact us using the contact form! We’ll do our best to track everything down. If you ever contribute with piece of news, photos, videos, anything, full credit will always be given. We won’t put our tag on your contributions if you ask us not to.

Your help will be much appreciated! :)

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Miley Cyrus: Miles To Go

I got some late news for you… I’m sure you’ve all already heard about this but I thought it would be nice to make a post. Miley’s autobiography “Miles to Go” arrives in bookstores March 10, 2009.  The book will be published by Disney-Hyperion Books.

In this book, she talks about family and the importance of creating family memories. She also hopes to also encourage kids to pursue their dreams, just like she did. The book is already available for pre-order at many online shops so you can take a look around at the ones you use and see if it is there.

In the book cover Miley photographed wearing blue top and jeans. She is also snapped wearing the Lucky Star: Family Necklace from Mickey Lynn.


Miley sais about it:

“I am so excited to let fans in on how important my relationship with my family is to me. I hope to motivate mothers and daughters to build lifetimes of memories together, and inspire kids around the world to live their dreams,”

Also you can find in the bookstores the same period (availabe for pre-order now too) the Hannah Montana Movie Storybook.

Miley Cyrus Source | Miley Channel | The Biggest Miley Source in the Web!

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Kate Beckinsale attends 14th Annual Critics Choice Awards

Kate Beckinsale along with her husband Len Wiseman attended the 14th Annual Critics Choice Awards held at Santa Monica on January 8th. Kate also was a presenter and presented an award with fellow actor Josh Brolin.

Gallery Links - 14th Annual Critics Choice Awards x35

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Photos of Christian Bale at VH1’s 14th Annual Critics’ Choice Awards

I’ve uploaded new event photos of Christian & Sibi attended VH1’s 14th Annual Critics’ Choice Awards on January 8, 2009. More photos will be uploaded soon! He looks handsome as always!

- Events in 2009: VH1’s 14th Annual Critics’ Choice Awards

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Katie Holmes Candids

Katie Holmes rocks out Habitual “Skinny Isolation Pocket” jean in graphite and Hurley’s “Benny” beanie as she leaves NYC’s Gerald Schoenfeld theater after another performance of All My Sons on Tuesday (January 6).

Katie and husband Tom Cruise were recently spotted stopping by and picking up some food at Max Brenner in Union Square. Originally, they had a reservation there, but they decided to take their food out after they saw the crowd that was surrounding the restaurant. The couple got chocolate pizza, crepes and hot chocolate to go, sources told People.

All My Sons will come to a close with the last performance on Sunday, January 11.

I’ve added 13 pictures to the gallery.

http://www.katiesource.fan-sites.org/gallery/albums/candids/2009/Katie%20Holmes%20at%20the%20theater%20in%20New%20York%20City%20-%2001-06-09/th01.jpg http://www.katiesource.fan-sites.org/gallery/albums/candids/2009/Katie%20Holmes%20at%20the%20theater%20in%20New%20York%20City%20-%2001-06-09/th02.jpg http://www.katiesource.fan-sites.org/gallery/albums/candids/2009/Katie%20Holmes%20at%20the%20theater%20in%20New%20York%20City%20-%2001-06-09/th03.jpg http://www.katiesource.fan-sites.org/gallery/albums/candids/2009/Katie%20Holmes%20at%20the%20theater%20in%20New%20York%20City%20-%2001-06-09/th04.jpg http://www.katiesource.fan-sites.org/gallery/albums/candids/2009/Katie%20Holmes%20at%20the%20theater%20in%20New%20York%20City%20-%2001-06-09/th05.jpg

I’ve also added 8 pictures from Tuesday. Enjoy!

http://www.katiesource.fan-sites.org/gallery/albums/candids/2009/Katie%20Holmes%20and%20Suri%20heading%20to%20the%20theater%20in%20New%20York%20City%20-%2001-07-09/th01.jpg http://www.katiesource.fan-sites.org/gallery/albums/candids/2009/Katie%20Holmes%20and%20Suri%20heading%20to%20the%20theater%20in%20New%20York%20City%20-%2001-07-09/th02.jpg http://www.katiesource.fan-sites.org/gallery/albums/candids/2009/Katie%20Holmes%20and%20Suri%20heading%20to%20the%20theater%20in%20New%20York%20City%20-%2001-07-09/th03.jpg http://www.katiesource.fan-sites.org/gallery/albums/candids/2009/Katie%20Holmes%20and%20Suri%20heading%20to%20the%20theater%20in%20New%20York%20City%20-%2001-07-09/th04.jpg http://www.katiesource.fan-sites.org/gallery/albums/candids/2009/Katie%20Holmes%20and%20Suri%20heading%20to%20the%20theater%20in%20New%20York%20City%20-%2001-07-09/th05.jpg

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New layout at J-Lafferty.com

It has been a while since J-Lafferty.com changed layouts again so I decided to put up a new layout! The site haven’t had a dark layout for a long time now so it’s definitely something different this time. Comments appreciated!

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Natalie Dormer Scans

Natalie Dormer, star of Showtimes The Tudors was on the cover of You magazine for November 2008. Scans of her feature have been added to Admiring Natalie Dormer. Please pop by and take a look!

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Jessica Stroup at 35th People’s Choice Awards

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Tons of Fergie Photos added!

I added tons of Fergie photos to the Stacy Ferguson Gallery so, you can go there to take a look.


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Josh Duhamel new photos added!

I added some new photos of Josh Duhamel from yesterday to the Josh Duhamel Gallery.


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Miley Cyrus in Los Angeles

Miley Cyrus Source Gallery is updates with some candids of Miley:

With Justin and Family at church and restaurant in Los Angeles – January 4th


Miley Cyrus Source | Miley Channel | The Biggest Miley Source in the Web!

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Lisa Edelstein at 35th Annual People’s Choice Awards

Congratulations to the cast of HOUSE and Mr Hugh Laurie.House won for Favorite TV drama, and Hugh Laurie for Favorite Male TV Star.Lisa looked so EFFing amazing – beyond words.Here are some pictures of the event – HQ versions will follow soon.Here’s also a video of last night feat. Lisa. >>>click here<<<

  • 030x Lisa at the 35th People’s Choice Awards

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