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Pulse – The New York Post – July 30, 2008


– Magazine Scans: Pulse – The New York Post – July 30, 2008

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Ultimate Sophia full version launched

We finally have launched the full version of Ultimate Sophia,come take a look.Im working on the content right now.Many updates to come!


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“Gossip Girl” Update #1: Episode Stills @ BLS

I have some more update for you guys. I have added 075 HQ Gossip Girl episode stills to the gallery. Five new albums and alot of additions to the older season 2 episodes. I’m gonna try to add some episode caps as soon as possible. Enjoy it over at Blake Lively Source!

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new layout at jr online!

We have a new layout at Jackson Rathbone Online, make sure to stop by and let us know what you think about it!

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2×12, 2×13, 2×14 captures!

*Whew!* I’ve spent majority of my day capping these three episodes! I still have some more to do, but this should do for now, lol! Anyways, here are the captures from 2×12, 2×13, and 2×14!

2×12 – Great Expectations
2×13 – Safe Havens
2×14 – Payback

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Blake Lively – Most Recent Events

Hey Guys! I’m so sor for my absence, I moved to an own appartment for about three weeks ago with my boyfriend and I have had some troubles with the internet connection, but I got it working this week :D Great, huh? I’m gonna try my best to get the site up to date.

I stared by adding the most recent events that Blake have attended at, you can see the eleven albums here. I have added a total of 262 HQ and MQ images of Blake at these public events. Stay Tuned for more exciting updates here at Blake Lively Source.

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New layout @ Sally Pressman Online!

SPO New Layout - v03!

I’ve also updated almost all her appearances from this year, and am working on some videos atm! Enjoy!! :)

* I’m also looking for new affiliates! All kinds! Interested? Apply today! *

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Recent Public Events @ IJS

Hello Guys! I’m so sorry for the lack of updates latley over at Introducing Jessica Stroup, but I have just moved to own place :) And I got my internet connection this week. So I have been offline the internet for about three weeks, it was kind a painful, hehe. But now I’m back on track and I’m gonna try to makte the site up to date as soon as possible.

I have started with updating the most recent public events our girl Jessica have attended at while I was gone. First she was at the KIIS FM’s Jingle Ball on December 6th, D&G Flagship Boutique Opening Benefiting The Art Of Elysium on December 15th and at “Musicians Give Back” Charity Event on December 16th. A total of 059 HQ and MQ images have been added to the gallery.

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Penelope Cruz at the screening of “Vicky Cristina Barcelona” (December 17)

Fitting in a little promotional work in between filming, Penelope Cruz attended a special hosted screening of “Vicky Cristina Barcelona” held at the Mayfair Hotel in London, England on Wednesday evening (December 17).

Accompanied by co-star Rebecca Hall, the duo posed for pictures before making their way into the theater for the showing of the Woody Allen directed drama.

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Bruce Willis Is Back, And Ready To Kick Some Robot Ass

Bruce Willis looks distressed by first person shooter games and futuristic robot murders, in the first official picture from Jonathan Mostow scifi thriller Surrogates.

The new movie, adapted from Robert Vanditti’s graphic novel Surrogates is set in a world where humans no longer leave their homes. Instead they send life like surrogate robots out to do their bidding, chores and jobs. Willis plays a FBI agent who must leave his house for the first time, to investigate a murder of a college student who is linked to the robot production company.

This new still shows a tired old Willis, who’s robo-wigless and a little worse for wear. What’s the problem, Bruce? Did your flawless robo-unit break down? These surrogate bots can be made to look like the ideal version of their human owner, but without their skin, they look a little something like this.

The movie was shot in Boston over the summer and is set to release on September 25, 2009.

You can go to Bruce Willis Online to see the first photo and find more info.

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Lost: Season 5* promos

+Lost: Season 5 promos at unlimited-photos.com

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Gossip Girl: Season 1 promos

+Gossip Girl: Season 1 promos at unlimited-photos.com

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New Pictures

Added a few new pictures to http://colin-morgan.com

Isle of Mull Filming

The Paul O Grady Panto

Clips on the site.

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BlakeDaily.com: Temporary Version

Finally we have put a temporary version online of Blake Daily your newest and most exclusive source for actress Blake Lively. She is best know for her role in Gossip Girl as Serena van der Woodsen.

We are currently working on the full version of the site and the gallery so we put a temporary version online to keep you guys up-to-date.

We want to thank the amazing Gertie for giving us this opportunity to make this fansite the best Blake Lively source online.

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Anything you can do I can do better

The editor of Red Carpet Fashion Awards says:

“I have never understood what Victoria Beckham and Katie Holmes would have in common to be friends, as lets face it Katie is about as interesting as watching paint dry, and Victoria has a hilarious sense of humour.

The two women spent Thanksgiving weekend together, and it looks like Katie took the time to gain some much needed style tips from Mrs Beckham.

Katie has been looking very drab lately, but the second Victoria Beckham is making her way to London to launch her new dress collection, Katie saw this as an opportunity to copy the matching coat/wide-legged pants combo whilst out in New York on Sunday.

There was a time when I said that Victoria should not have been accredited with Katie’s style transformation.

I take that back.”

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