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Shannen Doherty in “Lost Treasures of the Grand Canyon”

Shannen Dohery has had a busy 2008! Ever since she agreed to reprise her role as Brenda in 90210 this fall, she has been linked to many other projects as well. Her most recent project that will be airing December 20th is The Lost Treasures of the Grand Canyon, where new movie stills of the movie have recently been released! It wil air on the Sci-Fi channel! Check out the stills below in our gallery!

Shando Web
a shannen doherty fansite

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Grey’s Anatomy 5×10 All By Myself Screencaptures

Here are 434 screencaptures from episode 5×10 All By Myself. You can see them at Alex & Izzie Online. Remember this is the last Grey’s Anatomy Episode until 2009!!

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New Version at Artified

Artified-Designs.com has a new version, please give it a look. We’re also selling premade layouts for 3$ only, so please consider to order. Thank you.

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BritneySpearsNet.Com (Gallery Updates)

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Lisa Edelstein – Idol Gives Back 2008

Just a quick gallery update: Lisa at Idol Gives Back 2008. That dress (I think it’s VERSACE) is absolutely awesome!

  • 017 x Lisa at Idol Gives Back 2008
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    Gallery Update: Madonna’s glamorous night in Buenos Aires

    Here are a few MQ and HQ candids of Madonna’s night in Buenos Aires.She looked absolutely stunning – we love her latest style!

  • 014 x Madonna im La Cabana Restaurant in Buenos Aires (02.12.2008)
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    New Layout

    Always Jordan just put up their Christmas layout! We hope you like it. Thanks to the lovely Natalie for making it! I’ll keep it up all month long, and remember to treasure the Christmas season for your friends and family!

    Happy Holidays from Always Jordan!
    Visit Always Jordan!

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    added one new photo from the totally new year celebration thanks to just jared jr! click here to see the whole thing, they will added to the gallery tomorrow. Oh and i will add caps of debby’s youtube videos and the new SLOD episode that aired on the 5th (yesterday) to the gallery tomorrow. i’ll also provide the download!


    Added new photos to the gallery! And isabelle made us 3 new icons, they will be added to the media center later on. Please keep in mind that i am still looking for co-webs so please apply through email! Make sure to tune it at 5/4 central on friday the 13th to see the 10 episodes that has aired so far of the suite life on deck, including 1 new episode. Please credit us! Oh and we have a new gallery layout! Made and coded by me! The header isn’t too glamorous lol but i think it looks pretty okay: debby hq.

    image image image

    image image image image

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    Updates @ Blake Lively Fan

    [05] 1.07 – Victor, Victorla! stills
    [11] 1.09 -Blair Waldorf Must Pie stills
    [14] 1.10 – Hi Society stills
    [01] .11 – Roman Holiday still
    [01] 1.17 – Woman on the Verge still
    [05] 2.06 – New Haven Can Wait stills
    [01] 2.07 – Chuck in Real Life still
    [03] 2.08 – Pret-a-Poor-J stills
    [02] 2.09 – There Might Be Blood stills
    [04] 2.10 – Bonfire of the Vanity stills
    [06] 2.11 – The Magnificent Archibalds stills
    [10] 2.12 – Its A Wonderful Lie stills
    [04] 2.13 – O Brother, Where Bart Thou? stills
    [13] Aaron’s Protraits of Serena

    I will be working on catching up on screencaps this weekend.
    << Blake Lively Fan >> Your Blake Source!

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    Gillian Anderson @ Target Women In Film And TV Awards

    Gillian attended the Women in Film and Television Awards held at the Hilton Hotel Park Lane in London today.

    The awards, which have been running since 1990, celebrate the achievements of women in the film, television and digital media industries.

    She presented the UIP / WFTV new director award to Susanna White, the director of films such as Jane Eyre and television series including Generation Kill and Bleak House.


    - Events: Target Women In Film And TV Awards (London, England) – December 5, 2008

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    Pics added @ KristenWorld

    I’ve added more pics to the gallery. More coming soon so keep checking Kristen World.

    - 087 x Twilight UK Premiere
    - 022 x Twilight LA Premiere
    - 011 x “Twilight” live at Much Music

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    Huge update @ KristenWorld

    I’ve added tons of pics and I’ve change the layout. Hope you like it! More updates to come.

    - 041 x Twilight UK Premiere
    - 033 x Twilight UK Premiere HQ
    - 012 x Visiting The Late Show
    - 004 x Visiting The Late Show HQ
    - 004 x The Today Show HQ
    - 164 x 2008 – The Late Show w/ David Letterman
    - 007 x Twilight LA Premiere
    - 034 x “Twilight” Paramus Signing

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    Daughtry American Music Award Portraits

    Click here to view full photoshoot!

    Ultimate-Daughtry.com have added photos from a portrait session Chris and the guys did after their awesome win at the American Music Awards two weeks ago. Chris poses with Vince Neil from Motley Crue and with the award itself, as well as some playful shots with the other guys. Enjoy!

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    Katie Holmes Covers NY Times Magazine

    Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes look positively flawless on split covers of T: The New York Times Style Magazine’s “Holiday/Reinvention” issue. Here are great interview highlights via Us Weekly:

    Tom on when Katie confessed to him that she dreamed of marrying him as a little girl: “I said I wouldn’t want to disappoint her. I knew I wanted to marry Kate when I met her.”

    Tom on buying Katie an engagement ring shortly after their first date in 2005: “At one point, I thought she was going to ask me to marry her first and I put her off by changing the subject. I wanted to ask her.”

    Katie on being overwhelmed by Tom: “When I met Tom I was completely in love and, yes, I admired him growing up – he’s Tom Cruise! [After our first meeting, I was] completely in love. He was so warm, and I thought, ‘Wow, you can be a superstar and a human being.’ He made me feel so amazing.”

    Katie on life since her romance with Tom began: “My life has expanded. My family and friends are all a part of this bigger life.”

    Katie on people still having the wrong idea about her: “There’s a misperception about me that I just became this wallflower, this woman who doesn’t have any control of her life. And that’s pretty wrong. From the very beginning, I’ve made choices in my life that have been very strong. ”

    Source: JustJared

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    Gallery Update

    I’ve added a lot of new pictures to the gallery, we have now 1’002 pictures in the gallery! Not bad..! To view the albums, click on the thumbnails!

    16 more photos from november 28 – thanks to Preppie

    Katie Holmes Candids in New York City, November 29, 5 ads – thanks to Preppie

    Katie Holmes Leaving appartment, November 26, 54 ads -thanks to preppie

    Lions for Lambs at AFI Fest Los Angeles, November, 2007, 20 ads – thanks to Alex6 and Tromso

    Katie Holmes with Hermes bag in New York City, 11/19/08, 8 ads – thanks to Preppie

    Katie Holmes arriving and leaving her apartment in Manhattan, 10/15/08, 11 ads – thanks to Preppie

    Katie Holmes at her apartment in New York City, 11/14/08, 6 ads – thanks to Preppie

    Hope you enjoy them!

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