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JenniferFan.Net Gallery Updates


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Jessica Szohr’s HD Conan O’Brien Appearance Caps

I’ve added 350 caps of Jessica Szohr on, Late Night With Conan O’Brien.  It was a really funny episode.  Every guest that Conan invited had doubble letters back-to-back in their name!  Bill, Jessica and Tony Bennett.  So it was a “dubble letter day” as his [Conan’s] announcer put it.  I liked what they did with the play of words Jessica’s name, Vanessa, Gossip Girl and more.  We will soon have the clip of the appearance. But for now you an head on over to the gallery for caps.

JSN | The Gallery

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Huge Gallery Update

I just updated Miley Cyrus Source gallery more than 500 photos with Miley at:

Bolt Los Angeles Premiere – November 17th


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Paz Vega @ “The Spirit” Madrid Premiere

Paz Vega, on December 3rd, attended the Madrid Photocall and premiere of the upcoming cine-comic “The Spirit“!

She was there together with her co-stars Scarlett Johansson and Eva Mendes!

At PAZ-VEGA-ONLINE.COM you’ll find:

‘The Spirit’ Photocall – Madrid [MQ] + [HQ]
‘The Spirit’ Benefit Cocktail – Madrid [MQ]
“The Spirit” – Madrid Press Junket [Video] + [Screencaps]
“The Spirit” Movie [Gallery]

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Leighton Fan Updates

Preview Preview Preview Preview
[039] November 6 – Lucky Magazine Hosts 5th Annual Lucky Shops
[011] 2008 November 20 – New York
[011] 2008 December 9 – New York
[001] 2.07 – Chuck in Real Life still
[001] 2.11 – The Magnificent Archibalds still
[005] 2.12 – It’s A Wonderful Lie stills
[010] 2.13 – Oh Brother, Where Bart Thou stills
[525] 2.10 – Bonfire of the Vanity screencaps
[327] 2.11 – The Magnificent Archibalds screencaps
[318] 2.12 – It’s a Wonderful Lie screencaps
[514] 2.13 – Oh Brother, Where Bart Thou screencaps

I have also added Gossip Girl episode clips to the Video Archive for episodes 2.05, 2.06, 2.08, 2.09, 2.11, 2.12 & 2.13 as well as a clip of Leighton on the Tyra Banks Show back in October.

Brianne and I have also merged the content from IHeartLeighton.com into Leighton Fan. The I Heart Leighton domain now redirects to Leighton Fan (or will shortly if it’s not working for you now) Our thanks to Gertie for allowing us to merge the sites!

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Ed testimonial for Breil Milano

Ed is the new face of Breil Milano. He is the new protagonist of the Breil watches and jewelry male line till 2010. The new campaign is dedicated to a smart, modern, elegant and successfull man.

Charlize Theron is the female representative for the same watch brand and is also photographed by Jean Baptiste Mondino.


You’ll find another picture of Ed from the Breil photosession inside the Photo Gallery!

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New Fergie Photos!

I added some photos of Fergie to the Stacy Ferguson Gallery.


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New Viggo Mortensen Photos added!

I added more than 70 photos, most of them HQ, of Viggo Mortensen to the Viggo Mortensen Online Gallery.

“Good” New York Premiere (December 11st, 2008)


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Carmen Electra Gallery Updates!

I added some new photos of Carmen Electra to the Carmen Electra Fan Gallery.

Carmen Electra and fiance Rob Patterson go shopping at the Fornarina boutique on Melrose Avenue


 55th Playboy Anniversary Issue (January 2009)


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New Layout

We have a new layout up at http://freddie-stroma.com/ please leave a comment.

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Rachelfan.net: Rachel on set of Sherlock Holmes

Finally we can take a first look of Rachel in Sherlock Holmes because we have some on set pictures of Rachel.

Sherlock Holmes > Walking On Set 12/11

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Jessica Szohr On Late Night With Conan O’Brien

Ms. Szohr will be on tonight’s episode of, Late Night With Conan O’Brien, (12:35 a.m. – 1:35 a.m.) Jessica will be the second guest following, Bill Hader. Jessica Szohr Network has the first look of her appearance. Jessica looks like she had a fun time, but then again this is Conan so you’re bound to be in a fit of laughs.

We also have candids of her leaving to go and film the segment.

JSN | The Gallery

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Jennifer Aniston on GQ & Entertainment Weekly

Hi everyone! I’ve uploaded pictures of Jen in the January issue of GQ Magazine and Entertainment Weekly, check them out at JenAniston.net:

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Anne Hathaway @ Anne leaves an office building in LA – December 10

I have just added new pictures of Anne leaving an office building in LA, on December 10, 2008. Enjoy!

I have added 8 more pictures of Anne on December 10, 2008.

Gallery Links:
– Candids in 2008 > Anne in LA – December 10, 2008 [HQ]

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Shia LaBeouf “Eagle Eye” Screencaptures

Shia LaBeouf Online has just been updated with Shia-centric screencaptures from Eagle Eye in the GALLERY:

Eagle Eye ScreencapturesEagle Eye ScreencapturesEagle Eye ScreencapturesEagle Eye ScreencapturesEagle Eye ScreencapturesEagle Eye Screencaptures

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