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Miley Cyrus Leaving in a Private Jet

New Miley Cyrus Source Gallery is updated with some great new candids with Miley:

Leaving in a private jet on vacation from LA – December 20th


Miley Cyrus Source | The Biggest Miley Source in the Web!

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Merry Christmas!!!

Here’s a very very lovely picture of Ms Argento with her children, Anna Lou Castoldi and Nicola Giovanni Civetta, to spread the holiday cheer!

And, to you, dear Ode to Azia visitors and Fan Sites Network hostees: May this Christmas (or whatever you celebrate or don’t celebrate) be bright and cheerful and may the New Year begin on a prosperous note!

Ode to Azia – Asia Argento Official Fan Website

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Eva Green’s BIFAs Session

I’m back bringing you a gorgeous and fun photoshoot taken the night of the BIFAs. Eva isn’t vampy in it, but goofy and funny. And the session has a Christmas vibe to it, right? So it’s very appropriate for this time of the year. :P

EvaGreenWeb.com – Your #1 resource for all things Eva Green

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SMG Update!

New Candids from December 18th have been added to the gallery,
two new stills from Sarahs upcoming movie Possession was added too!

Visiting A Bank In Beverly Hills: 18.12.08 [14HQ]
thumb_001 thumb_002 thumb_004 thumb_013

Possession Stills [2 New HQ]
thumb_poss_007 thumb_poss_008

Visit: Smg-Online.Org!

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Grand Opening of Alexanda Web

AlexandraWeb.com has opened. Saturday 13th December 2008 the winner of X Factor 2008 was announced. After 8 million votes ALEXANDRA BURKE was announced as winner of X Factor. In the live finals she performed a $1 dollar duet with superstar BEYONCE’ KNOWLES in her rendition of “Listen.” During the show the finalists were mentored by Mariah Carey, Take That and Will Young and their own exclusive Judge Mentors.We are officially the first HQ fansite on Alexandra Burke in the world – opening just hours after the shows finale

Two years after we saw LEONA LEWIS winning this show and the success she has got we see another powerhouse diva winning, but by no means is she the same. Could we see another diva turn upon the spotlight and into the limelight? We follow the journey of this talented soul-singer into the road of a music career. Click here to visit the fansite. We are open for affiliates, staff.

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Grand Opening of ultimateleona.com

Layout for UltimateLeona.com version 1

Hey, today I would like to announce the recent opening (8th December) of the newest, hottest resource for global superstar LEONA LEWIS joining the same webmaster from our long reign with a Leona fansite –> We are one of the longest Leona Lewis fansites running and we are back on our newly fan-sites.org hosted site: ULTIMATE LEONA

=) We just thought we’d like to say we need some affiliates and staff! Just to say hi, I’m Amraj and I’ve finally got the site back full of pages, opportunities and more. Click here to visit

Your Webmaster, Amraj

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Exclusive Blake Lively Shoot

Blake and some other cast members were filming some new scenes for Gossip Girl. Blake looks amazing and I think we are going to see more ‘Blake and Penn scenes’ in the upcoming episodes!

We have some exciting news; we added a new and exclusive photoshoot of Blake and other cast members of Gossip Girl. Feel free to use the pictures but credit Blakedaily.com and don’t remove the tag!

Gallery Liks:
Filming in New York 12/18
Session 018

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Pulse – The New York Post – July 30, 2008


– Magazine Scans: Pulse – The New York Post – July 30, 2008

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Ultimate Sophia full version launched

We finally have launched the full version of Ultimate Sophia,come take a look.Im working on the content right now.Many updates to come!


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“Gossip Girl” Update #1: Episode Stills @ BLS

I have some more update for you guys. I have added 075 HQ Gossip Girl episode stills to the gallery. Five new albums and alot of additions to the older season 2 episodes. I’m gonna try to add some episode caps as soon as possible. Enjoy it over at Blake Lively Source!

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new layout at jr online!

We have a new layout at Jackson Rathbone Online, make sure to stop by and let us know what you think about it!

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2×12, 2×13, 2×14 captures!

*Whew!* I’ve spent majority of my day capping these three episodes! I still have some more to do, but this should do for now, lol! Anyways, here are the captures from 2×12, 2×13, and 2×14!

2×12 – Great Expectations
2×13 – Safe Havens
2×14 – Payback

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Blake Lively – Most Recent Events

Hey Guys! I’m so sor for my absence, I moved to an own appartment for about three weeks ago with my boyfriend and I have had some troubles with the internet connection, but I got it working this week :D Great, huh? I’m gonna try my best to get the site up to date.

I stared by adding the most recent events that Blake have attended at, you can see the eleven albums here. I have added a total of 262 HQ and MQ images of Blake at these public events. Stay Tuned for more exciting updates here at Blake Lively Source.

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New layout @ Sally Pressman Online!

SPO New Layout - v03!

I’ve also updated almost all her appearances from this year, and am working on some videos atm! Enjoy!! :)

* I’m also looking for new affiliates! All kinds! Interested? Apply today! *

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Recent Public Events @ IJS

Hello Guys! I’m so sorry for the lack of updates latley over at Introducing Jessica Stroup, but I have just moved to own place :) And I got my internet connection this week. So I have been offline the internet for about three weeks, it was kind a painful, hehe. But now I’m back on track and I’m gonna try to makte the site up to date as soon as possible.

I have started with updating the most recent public events our girl Jessica have attended at while I was gone. First she was at the KIIS FM’s Jingle Ball on December 6th, D&G Flagship Boutique Opening Benefiting The Art Of Elysium on December 15th and at “Musicians Give Back” Charity Event on December 16th. A total of 059 HQ and MQ images have been added to the gallery.

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