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Rihanna Photo Gallery Updates

2008 American Music Awards Rehearsals – November 20

Rihanna Rihanna Rihanna Rihanna Rihanna

UNICEF Snowflake Lighting – November 19 – [HQ]

Rihanna Rihanna Rihanna Rihanna Rihanna

Gucci Tattoo Heart Collection to Benefit UNICEF – Reception – November 19 – [HQ]

Rihanna Rihanna Rihanna Rihanna Rihanna

Gucci Tattoo Heart Collection to Benefit UNICEF – Dinner – November 19 – [HQ]

Rihanna Rihanna Rihanna Rihanna Rihanna

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It’s official: Daisies cancelled!

ABC has canceled Pushing Daisies, executive producer Bryan Fuller confirms to me exclusively.

Is the pie-maker dead? Will we ever see him again? Read on for the exclusive inside dish straight from the top…

Bryan Fuller tells me, “[ABC president] Steve McPherson called me, and said ‘We gave it the best shot we could.’ ”

According to Fuller, the facts are these: “It’s very likely that Pushing Daisies will end after episode 13, which as you know, is a cliffhanger. But we are talking to DC Comics about doing comic books that will wrap up our storylines, and I already have a pitch for a movie ready to go.

“To be honest, I’m really not feeling very boo hoo about it. I am so proud of the show. We put together 22 really good episodes, and there is a lot to be proud of. I’m sure I’ll be working with a lot of these people again, and I would love to do so.”

See more about your favorite show has been cancelled at Anna-Friel.net

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Bolt Premiere and more!

Hey guys! I know i promised a big update tomorrow but this is part of it so i’m just going to update on it today. I added some photos from the bolt premiere featuring an actress you might know, Miley Cyrus. I tagged the exclusive ones, and i also added more photos from the Build-a-bear wii lunch party event. Still expect a big update tomorrow! Oh and i added promotional stills from the next SLOD episode called Flowers & Chocolates:
Chelsea, Barbara and Bob visit the S.S. Tipton. During their visit, everyone seems to stretch the truth to impress their friends. This includes London telling Chelsea that her and Bailey’s room is one part of her shoe closet and “Woodward” (aka Woody) is her servant, and Cody telling Barbara that Bailey is his new girlfriend. Bob and Barbara tell Zack and Cody that they are dating.
Guest Stars: Brittany Curran as Chelsea Brimmer, Sophie Oda as Barbara Brownstein, Jennifer Tisdale as activities coordinator, and Charlie Stewart as Bob.

It premieres tomorrow! Sorry for not updating the ‘next episode’ header, i will do so for the next episode! (not flowers and chocolate but the next one.) I really love the way debby’s character, bailey is getting more involved in the new SLOD episodes and how her ‘relationship’ with cody is growing lol. In the promo stills, you see that she gives him a kiss on the cheek in one scene, i hope that’s a good sign =]. But remember, she’s not dating cole sprouse (cody martin) in real life! And like i always say in all my posts, i REALLY appreciate you guys that visit this site because i know debby isn’t at that stage of 1 million fans yet, but we still get tons of hits so thanks! And apply for affiliates! lol and staff! (just email me to be staff, to be affiliates, use the form!)

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New Layout at Always Jordan

I’ve put up a new layout at Always Jordan, made by Kitti. It’ll be up until about December 10, so be sure to check it out below!

Always Jordan

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New Viggo Mortensen Photos added!

I added some new photos of Viggo Mortensen from today to the Viggo Online Gallery. More pictures are coming soon but now, you can go to see the photos.


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Christina At Osteria Mozza on Nov 19, 2008

Christina Aguilera and Jordan Bratman are spotted out & about at Osteria Mozza on November 19, 2008.

x006: Candids from 2008: At Osteria Mozza – November 19

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“What Happens in Vegas” captures

Hey,I’ve added caps of Cameron in “What happens in Vegas” into the gallery,I still have the deleted scenes to cap but will do that later.Enjoy!


Gallery Link – Movies – What Happens In Vegas – Movie Caps


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Crusoe Pilot Screen Captures

Hello! Long Ago Captures is now home to HQ screencaps from NBC’s new period drama, “Crusoe,” starring Philip Winchester and Sean Bean. So far I’ve capped the first episode. See our website for more screencaps and information on historical movies and TV shows! “Crusoe” airs Friday nights on NBC.

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Updates @All Stars Online!

Ok, so we finally added the Twilight movie page to the site !! Can’t wait to see that movie! We added a ton of stills (HQ and some in MQ) and a ton of photoshoots/promoshoots for the movie!

Here are some of the Twilight pics you can find in HQ in the gallery:

EW Outtake

Enjoy :)

Go to the Twilight Gallery to find more pics:


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New Layout

We have a new layout up at http://colin-morgan.com

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Hannah Montana promos

+ Hannah Montana promos: season 1 ; season 2

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Summer At GQ 2008 “Men Of The Year” Party

Last night Summer was at the GQ 2008 “Men Of The Year” Party. Over at SummerGlauWeb the frist 23 medium-res photos are in the gallery.

Gallery Links
GQ 2008 “Men Of The Year” Party

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R-Weisz.Net New Layout!

R-Weisz.Net got a brand new layout using the new pictures from Hollywood Life. Be sure to check it out and I hope you enjoy it. The layout shows a new style for my layouts on Elements-Inc.Net.

Visit R-Weisz.Net

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Ultimate Sophia now open

Come visit Ultimate Sophia,your newest Sophia Bush fansite.At the moment we have a temporary version up whilst we wait for our layout.Keep checking back for all the updates and full version coming soon!


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Jessica Simpson candids

Gallery Updates
Posted by Krystal || 19 November 2008

November 18 – Jessica Simpson leaves Glik Music in Beverly Hills (hq).

November 17 – Jessica Simpson leaves Katsuya restaurant in West Hollywood after dining with her girlfriends. Amid rumours that Jessica is pregnant, the singer covered her stomach with a large black handbag as she walked from the restaurant to the car (mq & hq).

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