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Kate-Bosworth.org: Site Updates + Announcements

Phew! I finally fixed all the sections and the gallery (they looked funny after the layout change – sorry about that). I’ve also been updating some pages these past few days including the filmography ones. You can now learn more about Kate’s movies, view the trailers, read the reviews Kate and/or the movies received, etc. I think it’s a cool addition to the site.

Now, onto the gallery update. I added scans from last June’s Harper’s Bazaar and a couple of Coach photos. Both sets have been scanned by Caitlin and Natasha for Fliss so guys, if you don’t want to see your pics here, just drop me a line and I’ll take them down. (Hopefully, there won’t be a problem).

And last but not least, one of the most important Kate sites on the net, Kate Bosworth Online was closed yesterday and now Gertie (yay!!!) owns the domain. The site is up for adoption so if you’re a fan of Kate’s and you’re an experienced webmaster, don’t think twice and apply at The Fan Sites Network. It’s a WONDERFUL place and the people there couldn’t be better.

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Kate-Bosworth.org: New Layout + “21” on DVD

Hey guys! As you can see I created a brand new layout for the summer. I’ll be away for a couple of weeks (I need vacations!!!) in August so being able to look at a summer layout was mandatory, LOL.

In other news, I’m still sorting photos from public appearances and capping Kate movies like crazy so I’ll be updating the site with those before of after those 2 weeks in August.

And last but not least, don’t forget to get a copy of “21” which is out today on DVD and Blue-Ray. Here’s a review and a clip from the DVD extras. Thanks to Diane for the heads up.

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Kate-Bosworth.org Video Vault

Hey everyone! I got a little surprise for you guys! THE VIDEO VAULT is finally up and running! How cool is it? Don’t waste a second reading this and click here, register, comment, download and UPLOAD videos of Kate right now!!! It’s so easy to use (it works like YouTube).

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New Look @ KateBosworthForums.com

As you may have noticed, updates have been a little slow these past week but there’s a pretty good explanation for that: WE HAVE A NEW FORUM!!! That’s right, guys! A completely new and more organized message board that’s waiting for you right here.

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Kate Bosworth’s 2007 Public Appearances

1000+ HQ images from Kate’s public appearances in 2007 have been added to the gallery. Enjoy!

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“21” DVD Cover Revealed

Yes, they messed it up. How come the theatrical and international posters looked GREAT and the upcoming DVD cover looks like shit? At least they didn’t remove our girl from it.

Here’s the 3 posters: 1) DVD Cover, 2) Theatrical Poster and 3) International Poster. Which one do you like best?!?

Oh well… you can pre-order your copy of the movie at Amazon:
Single-Disc Edition | 2-Disc Edition | Blue-Ray Edition

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Huge Gallery Update @ Kate-Bosworth.org

Over 200 photos have been added to Kate-Bosworth.org‘s gallery. Come visit us.

2006 Revlon Campaign – Print Ads
2006 Revlon Campaign – “ColorStay Active Light Makeup” Commercial
2005 Revlon Campaign – Print Ads
2005 Revlon Campaign – “FabuLash Mascara” Commercial
2005 Revlon Campaign – “Super Lustrous Lipstick & Lipgloss” Commercial
If I Could Fall In Love – Lenny Kravitz Music Video
Oh! What A Night! – WB Promotional TV Spot
Superman Returns Videogame – Covers
Superman Returns Videogame – Trailer
2005 ONE Campaign – Promotional Ads
2005 ONE Campaign – Commercial
2004 Rock the Vote Campaign – Print Ads
Charity Auctions & Other Causes

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2008 Calvin Klein Jeans – Print Ads

The complete CK Jeans Spring/Summer 08 Campaign photo shoot is available at the gallery. Come visit us.

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Hello world! Kate-Bosworth.org is back!!!


Hey everyone! Did you miss me?!? I hope so because that would mean this is really good news to you guys! Kate-Bosworth.org is back and better than ever. Ok, maybe not better but I’m working really hard on the site. I’ll be revamping the whole gallery and adding a YouTube clone script for everyone to join, upload, share and comment videos of Kate. Cool, huh?

Thanks so much to Gertie for her help and support. You really are the greatest!

Also, I’m looking for affiliates (we don’t have any right now -I lost all of them-) so feel free to contact me via email (at ivan@kate-bosworth.org -yes, I have a new email address) or via this form.

It’s great to be back!!!


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