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RMO: “Midnight in Paris” Poster Debuts

The first official poster for “Midnight in Paris” was just debuted by Yahoo Movies, unfortunately Rachel is not featured. It features a still of Owen Wilson walking through the streets of Paris in combination of Vincent van Gogh’s “The Starry Night” (Sterrennacht). The poster looks promising! The full poster can be viewed in our gallery. We recently added a short on set video of Rachel and her co-stars in our media archive. Head over to our media archive, and watch the video.

The movie is officially selected as Opening film of Cannes Film Festival 2011 on May 11th and will get a limited New York/Los Angeles release May 20th. Mimi Kennedy recently revealed more information on the plot in an interview. Let’s hope Sony Classics will release the official (teaser) trailer and website soon.

Gallery Links:
Midnight in Paris > Posters

Media Links:
Midnight in Paris > AFP Behind the Scenes

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RMO: “Morning Glory” Media Archive Update

We continue our “Morning Glory” media archive updates with interviews of Rachel during the press day in New York (November 2010). We previously updates you with videos from the London premiere and London press day. If you haven’t bought the DVD/Blu-Ray of “Morning Glory” yet be sure you do because it recently released (March 8), you can also get it via Itunes.

Media Links:
Morning Glory > My Fox Interview
Morning Glory > Hitfix Interview
Morning Glory > ENews Interview
Morning Glory > Popsugar Interview #2
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RMO: “Morning Glory” London Premiere

Our media archive additions continue, our previous update was with London press day videos, with videos during the “Morning Glory” London premiere.

Media Links:
Public Appearances > “Morning Glory” London Premiere FTRC
Public Appearances > Morning Glory London Premiere #11
Public Appearances > Morning Glory London Premiere #10
Public Appearances > Morning Glory London Premiere #10
Public Appearances > Morning Glory London Premiere #9
Public Appearances > Morning Glory London Premiere #8
Public Appearances > Morning Glory London Premiere #7
Public Appearances > Morning Glory London Premiere #6
Public Appearances > Morning Glory London Premiere #5
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RMO: “Morning Glory” South-Korea Interview

Just came across an interview with Rachel McAdams for KBS2, which is a South-Korean television station while promotion “Morning Glory” during the London press day. It’s a really nice interview, Rachel even tries to speak a little bit Korean. According to the host Rachel has a lot of fans in South-Korea, and she is known as the ‘nice Rachel McAdams‘ because of a set of candids from 2006 were Rachel is giving direction to a Korean couple while waiting for the bus.

Media Links:
Morning Glory > KBS2 Interview (South-Korea)

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RMO: “Morning Glory” London Press Day

During the “Morning Glory” European press tour Rachel had a lot of interviews. It was hard to keep up with all the appearances during the tour, so we got behind with our media archive but we recently added a bunch of interviews in our Media Archive. First up: the interviews during the London Press day:

Media Links:
Interviews > T4 Interview
Morning Glory > AP Interview (London Press Conference)
Morning Glory > Glamour Interview (London Press Conference)
Morning Glory > MovieFone UK Press Conference

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RMO: Filming Terrence Malick Project

Rachel was seen earlier this week taking of from LAX, we assumed to Toronto but she was seen back in Oklahoma to film scenes for the Untitled Terrence Malick Project. According to the IMDB board it’s for re-shoots and Mr. Malick is aiming for a Cannes 2012 premiere but you never know since he is always really secretive about his projects.

She was seen on multiple locations including filming in a OLC Global corporate headquarters. We added a fan photo of Rachel in Oklahoma and we also added a new fan photo taking while Rachel was visiting Ave Q.

Gallery Links
Miscellaneous > Various > Fanphotos

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RMO: “Midnight in Paris” Official Website + Update

The official website for “Midnight in Paris” is -somewhat- online. It’s not the full version, but a temporary version with the already released production still of Rachel with co-star Owen Wilson. We can probably expect the release of the full site and trailer within a few weeks. You can visit the official site over here.

Also the official site says: New York and Los Angeles May 20. We think the release day for the US, not sure it’s going to be a wide release date, is May 20 of this year. “Midnight in Paris” is the opening film for Film Festival Cannes of 2011 which is May 11th; I think it’s most likely Rachel will make an appearances and do promotion for the film. We also replaced the MQ still with a High Quality one, so be sure to check it out as well.

Gallery Links
Midnight in Paris > Official Website: Sony Classics Midnight in Paris
Midnight in Paris > Production Stills

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RMO: Departing from LAX

Rachel has been in LA for a while and is now departing LAX and heading one assumes to Canada. She was seen departing after the Ave Q performance and hiking around in LA. May 2011 is her next scheduled ‘work’ related activity to Cannes for “Midnight in Paris“. But it’s still not confirmed she is going to attend the Cannes appearances.

Gallery Links
Candids > 2011 > March 5th: Departing LAX

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RMO: Hiking in LA

Rachel was seen hiking in the Hollywood Hills Wednesday. We added a few photos of her in our gallery. I guess now she is in LA it’s hard for her to stay low-profile. We also added a bunch of new additions, in high quality in our gallery of previous update of Rachel departing from Pantages Theatre after Ave Q performance.

Gallery Links
Candids > 2011 > March 2nd: Hiking in Hollywood Hills
Candids > 2011 > March 1st: Departing from Pantages Theatre after Ave Q in LA

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RMO: Back in LA – Leaving Ave Q Show

Rachel was seen back in LA leaving the Pantages Theatre yesterday (March 1st) with her friend Megan, who is co-founder of Green is Sexy, after seeing a performance of Ave Q. We added the first batch in our gallery.

At this moment no new projects are officially confirmed yet, but a lot of rumored/possible projects are around the corner. A few days before Rachel was spotted with Jenna Hipp, Nail Stylist. She couldn’t confirm for what event Rachel had her nails done, but I am thinking it could be for a photo shoot. Let’s hope so! Up next is the release of “Midnight in Paris” as opening film in Cannes in May.

Gallery Links
Candids > 2011 > March 1st: Departing from Pantages Theatre after Ave Q in LA

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RMO Exclusive: Interview with Jett Anderson

This is the official kick-off for a new project for Rachel McAdams Online: “Rachel McAdams Exclusive” which is a countdown to celebrate our upcoming 7 Year Anniversary in June. We will try to post regular updates with a RMO Exclusive stories like fan encounter, interviews, or another (suprise) update related to Rachel and her career with people who met or worked with Rachel throughout the years. It’s not only a celebrating for our anniversary, but also for the wonderful career Rachel had so far, and will have in the future.

Our first exclusive is with actor Jett Anderson. He is Rachel’s co-star in the upcoming untitled Terrence Malick Project. Accroding to IMDB he plays Brad, Rachel’s character’s husband. As you may know Jane is the character Rachel is playing in the movie. Read our exclusive interview below:

• How did you get involved in the upcoming Terrence Malick Project, did you audition with Rachel?
I answered an “open” casting call for extras… I understand that some 7,000 people answered that same casting call. About 2 months later I received a phone call suggesting they had a role I may be interested in. I tried out with several others (not sure exactly how many), and I landed the role. I did not audition with Rachel. A week later I was on the set with Rachel McAdams, Terrence Malick and others.

• How was it working with director Terrence Malick and his upcoming project?
Mr. Malick was a prince of a man. Even though it was my first major production, he treated me no different than he did any of the others. He had total vision for exactly what he had in mind. The man is an artist. What a privilege to have the opportunity to work with him.

• How was it working with Rachel McAdams, we know you play Brad her husband?
Ha ha, I can neither confirm nor deny the actual part I played 😉 But I can tell you Rachel was so gracious. The ultimate professional. She encouraged me every step of the way… and only spoke words of encouragement between shoots. She genuinely asked about “me” and my life – total grace in action. A genuine class act. Total lady. Think about my position: Rachel went from Sherlock Holmes, with Robert Downey Jr.; then Morning Glory, with Harrison Ford, to our set with Ben Affleck… and little ol’ me. And Rachel never let on like there was any difference.

I hope I have the opportunity to work with Rachel again in the future.

• We know you can not give us any details about the movie itself, but maybe you can you give us a (Rachel-related) anecdote?
One scene we shot began inside a barn, and as the scene ran, we walked outside the barn. It was early morning and around 50 degrees, so it was a little cool after being out there so long. After one of the takes, Rach and I were standing outside talking, and she asked me, “Want to go inside the barn and get warm?” Once inside the barn I smiled my lop-sided grin and said, “You know, ‘wanna go inside the barn and get warm’, means something totally different in Oklahoma than it does where you come from.” [laughs]

Needless to say, I would’ve been more than happy to “get warm” with Ms. McAdams. Did I also mention her great since of humor? [laughs]

• What can we expect from the movie?
What I gather, there will be love stories that intertwine with unexpected curves and a richness that only Malick could pull out of a dramatic love story.

Thanks for the chance to brag on one of the most beautiful people, inside and out, in Hollywood.

Special thanks to Mr. Anderson for answering our questions. Be sure to visit his official website and follow him on twitter via @JettzHouse. Please credit us if you use the interview above anywhere else, thanks.

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RMO: Missing Candids Arraving at Meurice Hotel

While Rachel was on tour for the promotion of “Morning Glory” she was seen arraving at the Meurice Hotel in Paris on January 24th. We missed these candids due to the massive promotion tour, but we recently added them in our gallery.

Gallery Links
Candids > 2011 > January 24th: Arraving at Meurice Hotel in Paris

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RMO: First Look At Terrence Malick’s Project + First Set Photo

Entertainment Weekly gave us the first look at Rachel and Channing Tatum in “The Vow” and now the Hollywood Reporter now gives us the first look of Rachel and co-star Ben Affleck in the still Untitled Terrence Malick project. The photo is also featured in the current issue of the Hollywood Reporter.

The photo from the director’s next top-secret film is featured in the current issue of The Hollywood Reporter magazine. We try to add the magazine scans as soon as possible. The release is set for 2012.

Reclusive director Terrence Malick’s Tree of Life doesn’t unspool until May 27, but he’s already shot his next film: an untitled romance starring Ben Affleck and Rachel McAdams.

The movie with a top secret plot also features Javier Bardem and Olga Kurylenko.

FilmNation Entertainment is handling international sales.

Update: We also added the first set photo of Rachel posing with her co-star Jett Anderson, who plays Brad (Rachel’s character’s husband), on set of the film production. Thanks to jarbus455 from the IMDB forums for the heads up.

Gallery Links
Untitled Terrence Malick Project > Production Stills
Untitled Terrence Malick Project > Behind the scenes > 2010 December 12th: Oklahoma

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RMO: First “The Vow” Production Still

Yesterday we already gave you the first look of Rachel and co-star Channing Tatum in “The Vow” with First Look magazine feature (which is in newsstand now) of Entertainment Weekly. The magazine just released a gallery with First Look’s production stills including the one of “The Vow“; it’s the same still they used for the magazine but now we have it in better quality. “The Vow” is scheduled to release around Valentine’s day of 2012.

Gallery Links
The Vow > Production Stills

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RMO: First Look at “The Vow”

Entertainment Weekly gave the first exclusive preview of Rachel and her co-star Channing Tatum in their upcoming movie “The Vow” which wrapped up filming in Toronto and Chicago late last year. The movie is set to release February 10, 2012, so it’s almost a year away but it’s definitely a project to look forward to. We added the scan in our gallery, thanks to @mj_lopez and you can read the article below:

In The Vow (out Valentine’s Day 2012), McAdams stars as a woman who suffers a traumatic brain injury in a car accident and wakes up to find the past five years of her memories erased. During that time, she had married a handsome, loving man (Tatum) – but now she has no idea who he is. “We really are the sum of our memories. When that’s taken away, what do we have left?” says director Michael Sucsy (HBO’s Grey Gardens). “It’s a romantic story about a guy who has to win back his soul mate.”


Gallery Links:
Magazines > 2011 > February: Entertainment Weekly (US)

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