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Terra Nova “Instinct” Caps@Shelley-Conn.Com

FOX’s Terra Nova is now in its second week and still going strong. Screen captures of yesterday’s episode 1×03 “Instinct” have been added to the gallery. I am glad to say that the show is very much sticking with the family drama focus. Shelley is wonderful to watch as Elisabeth. The press release for next week’s episode “What Remains” can be found below or you can watch a preview on youtube.

When Elisabeth, Jim, Malcolm and Taylor investigate radio silence at a nearby scientific outpost, they discover an outbreak of a mysterious virus causing memory loss, paranoia and eventually death. The group must work together to find a cure before they lose their sanity and all of Terra Nova is infected in the all-new “What Remains” episode of TERRA NOVA premiering Monday, Oct. 10 (8:00-9:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. (TN-105) (TV-14 L, V)

x277 Terra Nova 1×03 “Instinct” screen captures

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“Marchlands” Episode Four

Episode four of Marchlands aired last night on ITV. Screen captures of the episode have been added to the gallery. So Nisha has had her baby. Little Alice. I’m really enjoying the show. It gets creepier every week. Now there are only two more episodes left to go. A description for next week’s episode is below.

An exhausted Nisha is increasingly freaked out by the house and thinks it’s to do with Alice. Mark just thinks Nisha’s tired and is exasperated with her obsession. Nisha confides in Ruth that she feels like she’s going mad. She asks Ruth about the history of Marchlands. Meanwhile, Mark goes to see Olive with baby Alice and confides in Olive about the problems of being a father. Olive is unsettled. Later, Nisha visits Olive herself and is stunned to discover that Mark has been there

x180 Marchlands episode 1×03 screen captures

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“Marchlands” Episode Two Caps

Screen captures of Thursday’s episode of Marchlands have been added to the gallery. The show is thoroughly suspenseful so if you haven’t seen it yet you should definitely check it out on the ITV player. Here is the description for next week’s episode:

Ruth rushes to Marchlands to find a distressed Nisha in labour. It doesn’t look like the baby’s going to wait for an ambulance. Mark arrives just in time and they are both overjoyed to welcome a little girl into their family.

Later Mark reprimands Nisha for getting so carried away with recreating Alice’s old bedroom. Meanwhile, at the village shop, Nisha discovers via Scott that Mark had an affair with Olive. As she leaves she tells Scott they’ve named their baby Alice…

x199 Marchlands episode 1×02 screen captures

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New Marchlands Stills & Interview@Shelley-Conn.Com

As the premiere date of Marchlands approaches new images are being released by ITV. Stills for episodes two and three have been added to the gallery. Also, WalesOnline recently published an interview with Shelley on their website. Here is an excerpt:

And, while it was a challenge, she enjoyed playing a pregnant woman. “I started to get used to my bump – it was very much a part of my character,” she says, smiling.

“At the time I had two pregnant sisters, one at the later stages of pregnancy, like Nisha, and the other sister was at the very early stages of pregnancy – we weren’t really supposed to know she was pregnant.

“My elder sister who’d already had a child said, ’I really don’t like the way pregnancy’s often portrayed on TV, so I really hope you get this right’, so it was like, ’Oooh, pressure’, but it was really helpful because I had these two great points of research.”

Marchlands episode 102 and 103 stills

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More CBeebies Bedtime Hour@Shelley-Conn.Com

As mentioned before Shelley appeared on the CBeebies’ Bedtime Hour reading a series of five bedtime stories. Video as well as caps of the first story “Celestine Drama Queen” are already available on the site. Now, screen captures of two more stories have been added to the gallery. I am working on making the videos available as well.

x034 Grizzly Dad screen captures
x043 That Pesky Dragon screen captures

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Shelley Conn Reads “Celestine Drama Queen”

“Mistresses” has ended and it will probably be a while until we get to see Shelley in The Oaks on ITV so I’m taking the time to update the site with some older projects Shelley has done in the past. As part of the CBeebies bedtime hour program Shelley has read five five miniute stories. I have added screen captures of Celestine Drama Queen by Penny Ives to the gallery. I have also uploaded the video on youtube for all those who haven’t had the pleasure to see it yet. You can also download the avi file in our video archive if you prefer that. Over the next few days I will add the remaining four stories as well. I will also be adding more screen captures of Shelley in Party Animals so keep checking back for updates.

x62 Screen Captures
Watch “Celestine” on youtube.com
Download “Celestine” in the video archive

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Mistresses Finale Caps & DVD News

Some 500 screen captures of the (probably) final episode of Mistresses have been added to the gallery. I really enjoyed all of the four episodes especially the last one I must say. Shelley did a wonderful job with the more serious and dramatic story lines that she was given this series. For all those of you who want to see the episodes again the series three DVD will be released in two days’ time on 06 September. Along with the four episodes the DVD set will feature a 30 minute behind the scenes feature. You can pre-order the DVD over at play.co.uk or amazon.co.uk. There is also a box set containing the complete show if you prefer to have all the episodes.

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Magazine Scans & Shoot

Stylist Magazine‘s most recent issue features a small interview with Shelley, Sharon, Katie and Orla. Once again the questions are pretty standard but it’s a nice read. The three page spread features promotional pictures for series three of Mistresses as well as a few behind the scenes pictures.

Do you like Jess’s new softer side?
I miss the more straightforward side to Jessica, but now there are nuances, there’s this tangled mess. We’re all multifaceted creatures though and it’s nice to explore her character.

If she was your friend, what advice would you give her?
Slow down a little bit. Take a look at what you’ve got. That’s the person that I am too. I have a fast energy and sometime think the rest of the world should do things at my speed, but it’s so important to have some contemplative time and take stock of everything you already have.

How do you feel about feeling goodbye to the show for good?
It would be really,really sad to finish Mistresses. In some ways I’m not convinced it is the end. But I know that whatever happens, we’ll keep in touch. We’ll always be friends now.

You can fiend the scans in the gallery, right here. I have also added over 100 new photo shoot pictures to the gallery. Sadly all of them bear an ugly watermark. The shoots are still pretty to look at though.

x03 Stylist Magazine Scans
x123 Session 05
x18 Session 06
x07 Session 05

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Interview & Shoot

News of the World Magazine sent Amanda Holden to talk to Shelley, Sarah Parish, Sharon Small and Orla Brady about the third series of Mistresses and other things. The interviews are accompanied by a wonderful new photo shoot. The questions put to Shelley have all been asked and answered before but it is still nice to read. The photo shoot images have been added to the gallery.

A: Do you feel pressure to stay in shape?

S: I think there is pressure for actresses to look a certain way. But if you’re too stressed about those things it shows and that’s not attractive. I used to run a lot – I’ve even done the London Marathon. But I’ve got problems with my knees now so I do yoga and go swimming instead.

You can read the whole interview [here]

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“Mistresses” Premiere Caps

I for one thoroughly enjoyed last night’s episode of Mistresses. It’s been ages since the last series and I’m glad the ladies are back on our televisions at last. The first of four episodes was seen by a strong 4.054 million viewers. Screen captures of the episode have been added to the gallery.

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Mistresses Series 3 Promos

Some wonderful promotional images for the third series of Mistresses have just been released by the BBC. The pictures look absolutely amazing. Seven have been added to the gallery by me. Shelley and her fellow Mistresses stars are also featured on the most recent issue of Radio Times (31 July – 6 August). You can have a look at the cover on their website – right here. Then just as a reminder: Don’t forget to catch the series premiere of Mistresses on BBC One tonight 21:00.

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OK Magazine Interview

In anticipation of the third series premiere of Mistresses OK Magazine joined Shelley and Orla Brady at the London restaurant Vanilla Black for an interview and photo shoot. The two of them discussed upcoming story lines on Mistresses and how the final series will be different from the previous two. “This one
very much focuses on the relationships between them [the women], rather than the infidelities with men. It’s a subtler version of events, but there are still secrets and lies and betrayals between the four women.”

OK Magazine also asked about the relationships between the actresses, how close friends they had become. Shelley reveals that she and Orla Brady are especially close, and that she stays with Orla and her husband when she goes to California. When asked if she had any plans to get married anytime soon Shelley said the following:

Your partner is actor Jonathan Kerrigan of Heartbeat fame. Any marriage plans?
We’ve been together for nine years. We’re not married, but we’ve spoken about it. At the moment we’re preparing for my sister’s wedding, and I’m so excited about that. I cry when I hear people’s stories about weddings and I love going to them, but I also just love what I have with Jonathan, and I don’t feel we need to do that kind of official thing. If one day we agree to do it, we’ll do it – never say never – but at the moment, it’s lovely.

You can read the whole interview [here]. The photo shoot has been added to the gallery. You can find that here.

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Shelley Conn On GMTV

Early today Shelley payed ITV’s GMTV studios a visit to promote the third and final series of Mistresses. It’s a lovely five minute interview. Shelley talks about the atmosphere on the set of Mistresses, about how she, Orla Brady, Sarah Parish and Sharon Small shared a house while filming in Bristol. Judging by the two small clips of the upcoming episodes that were shown it’s going to be a great series. Shelley also talked a little bit about The Oaks, which is currently being filmed. I have added screen captures of the interview to the gallery. I have also uploaded the interview on youtube for those of you who missed it.

x085 Shelley On GMTV August 03, 2010
Watch Shelley On GMTV

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